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The Brazilian thrashcore band Tosco, releases the third album

On July 22nd, the Brazilian thrashcore (thrash metal/hardcore/groove metal) band Tosco officially released their third and heaviest album “Agora É A Sua Vez” (freely translated: “It’s Your Turn Now”) on all digital platforms and also in physical CD format with slipcase.This new release shows a great sonic catharsis in terms of production, songwriting, creativity, brutality and, logically, the visceral lyrics, sung in Portuguese, that always carry a pure hatred against everything and everyone that spoils the society.The previous singles are two powerful examples: “O Brasil é o Crime” (freely translated: “Brazil is a Crime”), which speaks about the growing intensity of violence and robberies in the country and the recurring problem of the “pandemic” of crack use in the center of the city of São Paulo, and the rawness and brutality of “Hellvetia”, which features a guest frenetic guitar solo by Dave Austin (Nasty Savage).The special guests don’t stop here, because the album closes with a cover of one of the greatest Brazilian metal classics for “Guerreiros do Metal” (freely translated: “Metal Warriors”) by the pioneering thrash metal veterans of Korzus. None other than Silvio Golfetti, founder and ex-guitarist, himself plays the second solo.For curiosity’s sake, Silvio Golfetti (ex-Korzus) was the guitarist who stepped in for an injured Andreas Kisser on Sepultura’s “Arise” European tour in 1991.“Agora É A Sua Vez” is the first album with the experienced bassist Carlos Diaz (ex-Vulcano, ex-Hierarchical Punishment and ex-Chemical Disaster). His comments on his entry into the band and his first full album with the band: “Being part of Tosco made me very excited because it is a band that I really like the type of sound they make, for the opportunity to play with Ricardo and Paulo again, the band was already in the final process of composing the songs and they are completely insane. Heavy as f@%$ (laughs)”.
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Guitarist Ricardo Lima commented: “It is certainly our heaviest and most raw work, because this time we have faster songs and more “nervous” grooves. Our DNA remains intact, always mixing everything that has influenced us since the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, such as the heavy stuff of Black Sabbath, the toughness of thrash metal and the violence of hardcore, all in a production that has been enhanced with modern touches and heavy tones.
Carlos Diaz concludes: “It’s a blast! Hard, ‘in your face’ lyrics, heavy riffs full of anger and revolt, making listeners think about the evils of this chaotic, incoherent world. Without any false modesty, I think everyone will agree with me that this album is the band’s best yet, and we are eager to play many shows and show our outrage in the form of music to as many people as possible.For those who have been following the career of the band since its beginning, in 2017, in Santos, São Paulo, they know that the group has always bet on strong material, with lethal and overwhelming doses of groove, especially in the guitar riffs. In fact, the quartet has always prioritized heaviness, violence and aggressiveness, all with chaotic and angry lyrics, always intended to open the eyes and alert the listener to the worst in our society.TOSCO currently consists of Osvaldo Fernandez (vocal), Paulo Mariz (drums), Ricardo Lima (guitars) and Carlos Diaz (bass).

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