Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Bangout – “Paradise ’99”

Bangout are a group from Rome, the capital of Italy. It was a nice awakening for me today, putting their new album on the stereo, entitled “Paradise ’99”. A rock band that often borders on gothic rock and recalls the work of people like Alice Cooper, Ramnstein and even if you want the Ronnie James Dio of the Nineties.

To all this the band adds a certain aftertaste that smells of grunge and alternative metal. Bands that come to mind are Godsmack, 69 Eyes and others. The keyboards give the songs dark and sick atmospheres, while the band beats hard for practically the entire duration of the disc.

A piece like “Animal” represents the adrenaline that the band has in its DNA, but there are many beautiful songs in this album, like “Calling”, very powerful and futuristic, or the title track, also with a killer shot! The only moment of calm comes with “Roots To Stone”, the only real ballad on the album. A truly crackling and very loaded album by Bangout. A nice surprise at the end of 2022.

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