Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Criminal Madhouse Conspiracy – “Criminal Madhouse Conspiracy”

Criminal Madhouse Conspiracy is one of those formations that makes you jump out of your seat! Their thrash/death metal that draws heavily from a glorious past for the genre with bands like Slayer, Massacre and Incubus hits hard without mercy.

The voice is cavernous and the guitars are really good, with a series of powerful riffs but with a classic metal aftertaste. In fact, in many licks and solos the refinement of the most orthodox metal is felt, in short we are talking about influences deriving from sacred monsters such as Iron maiden, Accept or Judas Priest. This album, given its short duration of less than half an hour, is reminiscent of Slayer’s “Reign in Blood”, but differs from that album in the greater use of heavy parts at the expense of faster parts. Speed ​​peaks like “Angel Of Death” or “Raining Blood” are hardly reached.

In their sound there is something pachydermic that also recalls formations like kataklysm or Unleashed. In short, a good start for this band, already well prepared and which we are sure will satisfy many fans of the most extreme metal fringe.

There are no bad episodes in this album, just a lot of good songs to be listened to at very high volume. Disco for headbangers only!

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