Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

X-Empire releases new single featuring Chris Clancy (Mutiny Within)

X-Empire, from São Paulo, once again prove that within contemporary metal there are no boundaries, and those who don’t try new challenges tend towards a dangerous stagnation within the moulds of how music is consumed nowadays.Because of this, the quintet currently formed by Michel Villares (vocals/production), André Marques and Ricky Franco (guitars), Émerson Soares (bass) and André Luis (drums) have released on all digital platforms, their new acoustic version of the song “Let It Die”, with the guest appearance by British singer Chris Clancy, from American band Mutiny Within, as the group’s new single.
Listen to “Let It Die (Acoustic)” at
Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Michel Villares (M&H Studio – and Additional Engineering by Ricky Franco (M&H Studio –
“Let It Die”, Michel Villares’ first full composition, was originally released on the excellent and well praised 2017 album “Grief”, also featuring Chris Clancy.
In 2023, already with the band’s current lineup, “Let It Die” was revisited in acoustic format and brought new and incredible arrangements with more commercial accents created by the guitarist duo André Marques and Ricky Franco.After all these years, the friendship and bonds between Chris and Michel never weakened, so much that Chris gave Michel singing lessons for 4 years and, also, being an excellent producer, was responsible for mixing and mastering the song “Hard To Breathe”, released by X-Empire in 2020.Like “Paralyzed (Acoustic)”, released last year, “Let It Die (Acoustic)” will be part of the new acoustic EP entitled “Revised & Acoustic” that the band intends to release very soon, preceding “Catharsis”, the long-awaited release of totally new stuff from the band.In a few weeks, a music video for “Let It Die (Acoustic)” will be released on the band’s official channel. Stay tuned!
Formed in 2012 in the city of São Paulo, X-EMPIRE aims to express their sound in a contemporary way, using new and deep lyrical concepts that perfectly balance with their dense melodies.Their modern, complex and unique sound, based on alternating vocals that vary from clean and melodic to guttural and harsh, added to the technique of their well-structured guitar riffs, striking bass and drums, pleases a large part of the public appreciative of catchy choruses and more progressive and heavy strands that permeate styles like Groove Metal, Djent, Prog Metal, Metalcore and even Pop.Since their formation, they have never been afraid to try new challenges, and now strongly expose influences from bands like Meshuggah, Periphery, Trivium, Scar Symmetry, Mutiny Within, Symphony X, Nevermore, Dream Theater, Iced Earth, among others, with the intention of never limiting their art.

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