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Toxi Faktory, a metal band with an atypical universe

Toxi Faktory, are a solid and intoxicating quintet, playing energetic metal, mixing prog, electro or punk influences. Approaching the audience with hindsight and theatrically, the group stands out with an eclectic and personal music that mixes its edgy metal with the madness of electro-industrial, all against a backdrop of dark and captivating atmospheres. Their distinctive universe, drawn from the creation of an unhealthy dystopian science fiction tale, has allowed them to stand out, and thus access the best scenes of the New Aquitaine region.

MetalMusic – Hi guys, tell us something about Toxi Faktory
Toxi Faktory –
We are a metal band with an atypical universe. The story we offer is drawn from the creation of an unhealthy post-apocalyptic tale; in particular, we draw our inspiration from dystopian science fiction literature (Huxley, Orwell, etc.). More than music, what we offer with this project is a sound story.

MetalMusic – “The Tower Below”, what about this new album ?
Toxi Faktory –
To understand this album, we have to tell few words from our universe. We imagine the world after The Great Cataclysm, the third world war, which we set in 2025. Our first album, “Massive Lies”, set the scene for the situation a few decades later, in 2130. “The Tower Below” is a kind of huge library that contains all the information of the system. We are staging a power that acts in concealment; in this new opus, we therefore find a lot the idea of seeking the truth, of digging, as in the title “Diggin’ Through” which opens the album.

MetalMusic – There is a link among “The Tower Below” and “Massive Lies” ?
Toxi Faktory –
With “Massive Lies”, we presented certain scenes of this world, like flashes. Our new album, “The Tower Below”, is a descent into the depths of “Toxi Faktory”, the laboratory which ensures the methodical coherence of the system.

MetalMusic – Are you satisfied about “The Tower below”? or you would have liked to change something?
Toxi Faktory –
Yes, we are really happy with the result! It was a long process. We began the composition of this album in 2016. It took time, because after our 1st album we wanted to develop our sound, in particular to allow evolutions towards prog, with longer, more complex songs. This was also a period of mutual taming with L4AZ, who produced the album. They took the time to know us, to fully enter our complex world, to understand our expectations. In particular, a lot of work was done by Maxime Fieux, our sound engineer who mixed and mastered the album. It also allowed us to experience great things, for example we had the chance to go and record some parts at the very famous Baco Studio, a beautiful souvenir.

MetalMusic – Which bands has influenced your sound ?
Toxi Faktory –
Machine Head, Gojira, Rammstein, Psykup, Nine Inch Nails, Dagoba, Tool, Opeth …

MetalMusic – Which singer or musician would you like as a guest on your next release ?
Toxi Faktory –
We have thought a lot about different collaborations, and since we offer a complete universe, we want to allow ourselves collaborations beyond music, allowing us to develop our story. We can tell you that we are about to shoot a new clip with a dancer, we will unveil a few more in the coming weeks …

MetalMusic – How is the band living this Lockdown ?
Toxi Faktory –
Like most artists, it was a real setback. We released our new album shortly before the 1st lockdown, and suddenly the tour fell apart, we had the opportunity to defend it a few times on stage so far. But, even in these difficult times, you always have to know how to see the bright side. It was an opportunity to work on other aspects of our project and to move towards new practices, such as live streaming. We also took the opportunity to release two clips, but also to take a step forward on all the communication, distribution, canvassing part … This allowed us to be signed by Ghost Record Label, the big good news of 2021 for us!

MetalMusic – That’s all!! greeted our readers with a message!
Toxi Faktory –
We want to tell something important to us, at the moment it is more than ever necessary to support the world of culture, and especially indie, DIY and local culture! Go buy merchandising online from small groups, go buy records from small record stores rather than supermarkets, see what is happening around your home at the moment with occupations of cultural places, how to support this little world… Because we do not intend to die right away, to be able to start again doing all together what sets us on fire: sweating in concert halls, discovering new groups, meeting again, sharing moments of ecstasy …

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