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Friday’s Spirit, we always digged writing songs with melancholic vibes

Two years after the release of their single “For All That’s Left”, Salzburg, Austria-based punk rockers Friday’s Spirit are back with a brand new single, titled “A Moment to Be Seen”, underlining their musical punk rock ancestry.
The band comments: “After our last release “For All That’s Left”, we really didn’t believe in recording another session in 2020. However, as the Covid pandemic left us with no real choices, we eventually agreed on diving into our latest song material to create a new EP. The reason for this was simple: we wanted to keep the band alive and we wanted to be productive. “A Moment To Be Seen” is the first single taken from our upcoming EP “Skin And Bones”. It is one of our favorite tracks and we hope that people will like it as much as we do!”
The single “A Moment To Be Seen” is out since April 1st 2021 on major streaming platforms and was released along with a lyric video available to watch on YouTube!

MWZ: Hi guys, first of all, tell us something about your band.
Friday’s Spirit: 
Hey y’all and thanks for having us. We are Friday’s Spirit a Rock/Punk band from Austria, Salzburg. Two years ago, we released a song called “TSTT” which stands for “Trans-Siberian Thunder Tiger”. It’s actually about a man, allegedly from the Czech Republic, who was filmed by hidden cameras, running 15 and a half miles through a forest near the Polish border. He was high on LSD and thoroughly believed that he was a Siberian tiger. Crazy, eh? Nonetheless, that’s one cool thing about being an underground band: You can literally write songs about anything.

MWZ: After two years, you’re back with “A Moment to Be Seen”, your new single! What’s happened before?
Friday’s Spirit:
 Yeah man, we’d be lying if we said that everything went smoothly. Actually, for quite some time, we were struggling with our line up as a band, and we constantly had to change and adapt our formation. When we settled everything for good (that’s what we thought at least), a tiny virus brew from whereeverthefuckthatshitcamefrom ruined our live plans for autumn/winter 2020. Yeah… that sucked! But, we got our arses up and decided to use the enforced “free time” to write and record new stuff. And here we are!

MWZ: What is the main theme of the single?
Friday’s Spirit:
 There’s no main theme in particular, but lyric-wise, we always digged writing songs with melancholic vibes. “A Moment To Be Seen” is definitely about being seen at the right moment! There’s so much deception going on right now, especially in connection with social media. Nowadays, many people conceal their true selves and end up with a fake version of someone else’s ideal.

MWZ: “For All That’s Left” was your last release before this new single! Do you feel like we’re finding the same sound in your new single, or have you changed something?
Friday’s Spirit:
 Looking back at that release, we feel like this was kind of an experiment “For All That’s Left” was more a homage to our passion for metalcore than a reflection of our musical roots. It was cool to record a song in which heavy breakdowns, shouts, and screams form the base, but it’s not really who we are. Still, proud as proud can be.

MWZ: Are you satisfied with “A Moment to Be Seen”? Or looking back, would you have liked to change something?
Friday’s Spirit:
 100% satisfied! (ask us again one year from now)

MWZ: Which bands have influenced your band’s sound?
Friday’s Spirit :
 The Menzingers, The Flatliners, Killswitch Engage, and As I Lay Dying.

MWZ: How is the band living this lockdown / pandemic?
Friday’s Spirit:
 As active as possible, but we still need to abide by the rules. So having to keep a certain regulatory distance is obviously a great bummer, but we’re trying to realize as many projects as we can! So keep an eye out folks.

MWZ: That’s all!! Feel free to greet our readers with a message!
Friday’s Spirit:
 Awesome! So first of all, thank you so much for having us. We regard that as an enormous privilege, and we will never seize to enjoy reaching out to new people. Next, always keep positive faith that things will take a turn for the better! And finally, support your local music scene!

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