Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

The Incantus debuts with two singles “Goddess Ablaze” & “Protraction of Night”

After years of industry whisper and obscurity, Melbourne’s The Incantus have released not one, but two singles, “Protraction of Night” and “Goddess Ablaze”, from their upcoming eponymous debut album – slated for March 2024.

These releases are the culmination of a seven year journey that began with band founder Nat Harmer in the rural N.S.W city of Wagga Wagga.

Relocating the band to Melbourne in 2018 with guitarist Sam O’Connell, the band’s music has very openly been coloured by an arduous beginning fraught with challenge and strife; both of a personal nature, as well as the necessary sacrifices for the band’s inception. After many, many repeated listenings of “Goddess Ablaze”, it can be said with confidence that they certainly wear these battle scars proudly on their sleeves.

Speaking with Nat on subject: “Goddess was without a doubt the most difficult song I’ve ever written in terms of crystallising personal trauma – if I’m to be absolutely honest and candid. It addressed everything from my father burning me as a child, to the string of non-starting musical projects haunting me like a “stone orchard of dead songs and dreams”. The ‘Goddess’, she is the animus; that fire deep down that gets you up in the morning to fight another day, that won’t let you stay down”.

“As a kid that grew up in the industry, being part of music has always been my greatest love. I think we’ve all felt at points in our lives we’d like to be further along, and it can be hard to digest the idiom “the journey is the worthier part”, however true it is. That starts to scratch the surface of “Goddess Ablaze”.

With the addition of Kris Corvus on vocals and Darcy Mulcahy on drums, The Incantus truly found its footing to finally step forth into the spotlight.

The anthemic “Protraction of Night” comes in hot on the Goddess’ heels; a hard hitting track that points an accusing finger at modern society’s role in the current state of the world. Sounding more akin to a cautionary tale, It begs us to “dishonour the promise of mutual annihilation”, and with a line such as “Whilst the idle drown in blackened glass”, it’s hard not to feel a little profiled. Despite its fierce content, it genuinely feels more uplifting and positive with each listen.

Both “Goddess Ablaze” and “Protraction of Night” are now available on all streaming platforms here.

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