Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Stargenesis – “Distress Call From Earth”

Truly extraordinary album this “Distress Call From Earth” by the Italian Stargenesis. We can breathe the inspiration of some progressive metal masterpieces born from bands like Queensryche, Dream Theater or Vanden Plas, and then we have a basic concept that deals with Artificial Intelligence, social control, drug abuse, cynicism but also hope, the dream of a new era and the future represented by our children, and this second album connects with the plot of the first album, whose lyrics were based on “a journey into deep space, in search of what that transcends the matter of the finite universe. A collection of notes from a spaceship’s logbook of people, love, loneliness, emotion, anger and glory, all followed by a grand finale.”

“The Dream Of A New Era” had been the single forerunner of this album, a song full of nuances and which also manages to show the technical qualities of these guys, but the whole album is worthy of attention, provided you follow its evolution from start to finish. Never as in this case would it be advisable to approach this product with attention and concentration and without skipping the tracks, because you would risk losing the thread of the conversation. Musically the band likes to offer more purely metal episodes and others where they catch their breath until the next trip. Everything appears very varied and the excellent voice of the singer Valeriano De Zordo stands out.

The excellent production however enhances all the instruments and we arrive at the compositional apex of the album in “Distress Call From Earth (Pt.1)” and “Distress Call From Earth (Pt.2)”, where the title track is divided into two episodes that show two different sides of the band’s sound but which in the end are complementary and well highlight how the band doesn’t love to try their hand only in pure metal, but also in other styles. Great album!

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