Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Emiliano Tessitore – “Live In Rome”

Innovative creation that blends Metal with classic Alternative Rock, and many other influences in a single scenario that is difficult to label, all with intents that cut and overwhelm the listener for a short duration.
What comes out is a pleasant and engaging metal, which without half measures enters your head like a running train. While listening, full-bodied sounds can be appreciated, well supported by guitar figures that enhance their potential and at the same time their qualities. The progress of the disc is varied and original, with openings of sound that prove to be a good variant, managing to generate a glimmer of light in this almost gloomy, but not at all ugly, atmosphere.

Emiliano’s music aims straight at the listener’s belly. As in an operating theatre, asepticity and viscerality coexist. A synergy proven in more than one circumstance by means of songs where almost sudden tempo changes stand out and which prove to be a godsend to make everything even more palatable

The release of “Live In Rome” confirms the good Emiliano has managed to do up to now without setting limits and without going behind the commercial current because Emiliano plays what they want and not what the trade wants. To be listened to with the utmost respect and the utmost attention.