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Spacegoat, Go “Beyond The Stars” with Australia’s Alternative Metal Outfit

The latest single by Bendigo based alternative metal band Spacegoat is ‘Beyond The Stars’ and will be available on all streaming platforms here:
Also check out the Video here:

Following the slightly more aggressive Eternal Return, ‘Beyond The Stars’ showcases Spacegoat’s versatility as a band by dialling back the vibe and pace and delving into the theme of life after death.

“The lyrics to ‘Beyond The Stars’ came to me after an elderly family member was facing the end of life. It got me to thinking about how it would feel to be reaching a ripe old age and being delivered the news that your time on Earth was coming to an end,” says vocalist Ez. “Everyone has their own ideas and beliefs around death and what may or may not happen after we die, and these lyrics are simply my reflections on what I would like to be true of crossing over.”

“Of course, I’ll never know what happens until it’s my turn! But I believe it’s a beautiful thing to think that we all go ‘home’ once we pass and return to the cosmos as part of a collective consciousness and greater awareness. It helps me stay connected with loved ones that have died and to not fear death myself.”

Beyond The Stars is the third release by Spacegoat for 2023.

Line Up:
Ez Eddy – Vocals
Leon Russell – Guitar
Mighty McGrath – Guitar
Kid Eddy – Bass
Adam Beattie – Drums

Hailing from from Central Victoria, Australia, alternative metal outfit Spacegoat is not to be overlooked. With roots in various metal sub-genres, they have been likened to bands such as Flyleaf, The Butterfly Effect, Deftones, Tool, and Halestorm, however Spacegoat really do have a sound that is uniquely their own.

The five members have a synergy that shines through their songs and is particularly evident when they take to the stage. Spacegoat’s performances have been described as energetic and infectious. Emerging in 2019, their debut EP ‘33’ was met with positive reviews from punters and publications alike and their follow up release ‘Catharsis’ really began getting people’s attention.

Recently, Spacegoat were voted amongst the top bands in Melbourne for a chance to play at the acclaimed Good Things Festival. While they didn’t claim the top prize, this opportunity demonstrated the enthusiasm brewing behind the band and encouraged Spacegoat to have their sights set on new heights for 2023. A string of new releases is planned from February and the members of Spacegoat are excited to be releasing their best music yet.

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