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Ranna’s Kin Wagon, The thrilling journey of the new single “New Dawn,” a Hard Rock of rebirth and overcoming

The Brazilian Hard N’ Heavy band from São Paulo, Ranna’s Kin Wagon, led by great singer and songwriter Lean Van Ranna, has released yet another true musical journey with their seventh independent single, the power ballad “New Dawn”, also in lyric video format, on September 6th, on all digital platforms.

“New Dawn”, much like the majority of the band’s previous releases, brings a nostalgic atmosphere and a typical 80s movie soundtrack vibe due to the synthesizers and keyboards.

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Also mixed and mastered by Anderson Sherman, this song provides a more immersive experience, with moments where Lean’s vocals seem to “play” with the listener’s senses in passages that repeat in a synchronized, deep, and impactful manner.

Lean Van Ranna shared his vision of the music: “This song could be part of a romantic or overcoming movie from the 80’s as its lyrics are a continuous journey that leads us to a new chance through a new dawn after a difficult or painful moment. A new path opens up, giving life meaning for a fresh beginning.”

Furthermore, “New Dawn” also explores spiritual themes, conveying the belief that life extends eternally for those who truly believe.

It’s important to highlight that all singles released by the band to date were produced and composed by the previous lineup, featuring Lean Van Ranna (vocals/arrangements), Nílver Perez (keyboards/synthesizers, who will continue to collaborate on the band’s future recordings/arrangements), Yuri Donatti (guitar/arrangements), Anderson Sherman (bass/producer), and Caio Gaona (drums), along with Carlos Nogarolli (musician and lyricist, often considered the band’s wildcard), when the band was known simply as Kin Wagon.

“New Dawn” marks the closure of one chapter and the beginning of a new one for the band, which continues to honor the best of Glam Metal, Hard Rock, and Melodic Rock from the golden years with passion and soul.

The new lineup of Ranna’s Kin Wagon, composed of Lean Van Ranna (vocals), Ricky Vaz (guitar), Izzy James (bass), and Isaac Sticks (drums), all experienced musicians who have contributed significantly to the quality of Brazilian Hard Rock, is ready to continue their musical journey.

With this new lineup, the band will record three more new songs, which, along with the seven previous singles and an orchestrated version of “She Just Forgot Me” (produced by Jean Michel Volz from the French-Brazilian band Masterful, with orchestration by Gabriel Cardoso), will be part of their debut album with the new title “Heavenly Melodies… Above The King”, replacing the previously announced “First Arrival.” The album is set to be released in the first half of 2024.

In addition to finalizing their debut album, Ranna’s Kin Wagon intends to hit the road, presenting their original repertoire and covers of one of the iconic bands that has influenced them the most, Bon Jovi, on a special Bon Jovi night.

Get ready to be captivated by this thrilling musical journey, and keep a watchful eye (and ears) on Ranna’s Kin Wagon, as they are ready to conquer the world of Hard Rock with their talent and passion for music!


Formed in 2020 by Lean Van Ranna (Masterful, Nahara, Auryah, King Of Salem, Excalibur, Menahem, A Taste Of Freedom, Melodius Deite, etc), originally under the name Road To Prize, the band initially leaned towards an AOR and Melodic Rock sound. They even released the single “All I Want” in 2021 before going on a brief hiatus. The following year, now as Kin Wagon, they returned with a new lineup and, most importantly, a heavier sound influenced by Hard N’ Heavy, Glam Metal, and even a touch of Blues, while still maintaining their roots in 80s and 90s Hard Rock and AOR. After further evolution, the band is now named Ranna’s Kin Wagon and is gearing up to release their first full album and hit the road at last.

“In this new phase, we want to deliver a sound filled with high energy and positivity, aiming to give listeners feelings of joy and optimism through positive messages about everyday experiences and self-help, always emphasizing the gift of life and highlighting its eternal nature, just like love for one another. Music created with heart and soul will never die and will always overcome any obstacles”, Lean Van Ranna concluded.

Ranna’s Kin Wagon’s Hard Rock will always incorporate classic influences and references, while maintaining the technical quality and musical coherence of the genre, never conforming to labels and, most importantly, providing listeners with genuine, invigorating sensations of déjà-vu and a great sense of positivity.

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