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Planethard, always hovering between good and evil, reality and madness

Planethard band is an Italian alternative rock band originally born as hard rock cover band. During their early years Planethard immediately started tourning the best clubs of Northern Italy playing songs from Bon Jovi, G’n’R, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Steelheart, etc.
At the same time they started working on their first EP entitled “So Good“. In the following years, thanks to EP good success, the band played in some important events such as Gotthard’s new album Lipservice release party at Inkubo cafè in Milan.

Planethard started getting credit in Italian rock scene playing on important stages like Alcatraz, Transilvania Live and Indian’s Saloon and above all in national and international events like “Venece Rock Festival” (with Motorhead, Gotthard & Labyrynth) and Tim Tour in Plebiscito Square in Neaples (with Francesco Renga & Elisa)

METALMUSIC – Could you tell our readers about the band what makes you different from other artists?
S. Arrigoni –
I think every musician deserve to be considered different. Writing music, we write with our personality, which is obviously different from others. Just said, we are Planethard and we’ll kick you ass

METALMUSIC – How did the band become involved in this crazy world of music?
A. Bovolenta –
Planethard started basically as an hard rock cover band just for fun (like other hundreds of bands). But in a very short time they started composing original songs, which I think is a kind of natural step for all the bands who don’t only want to play but also to have an identity and to contribute somehow to the music landscape.

METALMUSIC – Who are the musical inspirations and what was the inspiration behind the album and the songs?
M. D’Andrea –
Equillibrium is about how precarious human life is, always hovering between good and evil, reality and madness. The inspiration on my part comes from everyday life. You just have to sometimes listen to the news on the news, or have a word with someone or just stop and think about how crazy this world is.

METALMUSIC – What are the band interests, outside of music?
A. Zampolli –
Each of us, outside of music, has our own interests that characterize us and, in a certain sense, contribute to the realization of songs and lyrics. From motorcycle racing to sports.

METALMUSIC – Tell us about the new ALBUM? STE
S. Arrigoni –
Equilibrium is all about our experience and different way of thinking music. We are coming from very different scenario and we are about to change it over and over again, since we can breathe. We did an album that is a result from balanced inspirations from our past, considering what we have been and what we are today, trying to predict who we’ll be.

METALMUSIC – Where was the album recorded who produced it and how long did the process TAKE?
M. D’Andrea –
I produced the album together with Matteo Magni of Magnitude Recording Studio. The Album was recorded during covid and unfortunately it took us a long time to find each other because of various restrictions, so it was a suffered album in that respect because of that. Pre-production is always the most important part because it outlines the traits and peculiarities of each song. I spend a lot of time on this so that we go smoothly in the recording studio.

METALMUSIC – What is the highlight of the album for you and why?
A. Zampolli –
Personally, I believe that what best represents the album is the song we’ve chosen as the first single, “Fading Away,” both in terms of its sound and its meaning. These are emotions that everyone has experienced or can understand, and the way they are expressed aligns well with the “duality” that is the core of the album.
A. Bovolenta: Still Alive for me is the highlight of equilibrium, not really for the kind of song (a ballad among very hard songs) but for the message.All the album is dealing with the duality of reality (good and evil, positive vs. negative things)and thi ssong is somhow the closure of the loop, it’s a message of hope. During our life we all have to make choices that leave marks on us and sometimes not in a positive way, but you can always try to recover and start again.

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