Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Opium Death announce the debut album “Genocidal Nemesis”

Opium Death is a brutal concoction of extreme metal, sent forth from the suburbs of Chicago, USA to lay waste to metalheads around the world with their first full-length album “Genocidal Nemesis”. The band expects it to be received positively as it brings a lot of variety in terms of tempo dynamics, song structure flow, lyrical themes, and overall, a different experience with each track while maintaining a heavy sound through it all. The first look at this album is the single “Genocidal Nemesis I: Fear”, the second track, which Opium Death comments on:

“The single is about the birth of the antichrist as a result of man worshipping money. Money revolves in all our lives and is constantly in our faces and so we reflect this musically to start the album with a bang and have an odd-time riff that helps catch the listener’s attention which over time is something they can grab onto the rhythm real quick.”

With “Genocidal Nemesis”, Opium Death wants to bring forth a sense of commonality knowing that everyone has been through experiences that anger us whether directly or indirectly, and are in it together. They showcase this relatability with a clear-cut execution of their passion for extreme music.

Opium Death was born from a wide variety of influences and they carry over into this album, they dive into subgenres like black, thrash, and death metal, and incorporate technical and progressive elements into them. It has something for everyone and is most recommended for fans of Death, Gojira, and Cannibal Corpse.

Listen to “Genocidal Nemesis I: Fear” via its premiere on GhostCultMagazine HERE.

“Genocidal Nemesis” is due out on April 19, 2024, and is available for pre-order –

Track Listing:
1. Cower (1:16)
2. Genocidal Nemesis I: Fear (3:01)
3. The Condemned (4:32)
4. Ozymandias (8:40)
5. Flatline (1:18)
6. Extinction (5:31)
7. Chronic (4:22)
8. Deadweight (3:28)
9. Shattered (5:36)
10. Vesuvius (3:45)
11. Fe56 (2:07)
12. Genocidal Nemesis II: Desolation (9:29)
Album Length: 53:10

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