Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Omnivide releases the debut album “A Tale of Fire”

In 2020, Moncton, Canada’s progressive metal band Omnivide emerged from the remnants of the Opeth Tribute project called Sunbird. Seeking to move beyond paying homage to their influences, they dedicated themselves to crafting a unique sound all their own. The results of this hard work are being presented this spring with their debut album “A Tale of Fire”, which balances heavy, technical, and symphonic elements in a cohesive and intriguing progressive package. The first single, “Holy Killer” was one of the first tracks written as a band and it makes sense that it is the initial introduction many will have to Omnivide. The band explains:

“This song was written early in the album-making process and was one of those songs that helped us define our sound. The song tells the story of a man who has done terrible deeds in his lifetime in the name of the deities he worships, expecting a place amongst those deities in the afterlife. The song reflects this dark theme melodically, being composed of dark, grandiose sections and more brutal, in-your-face riffing that illustrate the various stages of this story.“

Watch and listen to “Holy Killer” via its lyric video premiere on TheCirclePit at

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With this album, Omnivide is trying to provide a musical journey that people can listen through from start to finish while remaining engaged. The highs and lows in intensity and the various emotional tones of the songs, which range from dark and brutal to emotional and beautiful, provide contrasts that keep things interesting and moving.

Omnivide wants listeners to feel the pure excitement and energy of their heavier sections, moments later vibe to a beautiful clean section, and the compounding effect of those contrasting parts resulting in a unique experience that is deeply satisfying and rewarding musically. Suitable for a wide range of metalheads, “A Tale of Fire” is most recommended for fans of Obscura, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Opeth.

Due out on March 22, 2024, “A Tale of Fire” is available for album pre-save at

Track Listing:
1. Clarity – 6:44
2. Opulence – 4.48
3. Desolate – 7:35
4. A Tale of Fire – 5:05
5. Cosmic Convergence – 5:04
6. Holy Killer – 5:06
7. Death Be Not Proud – 6:32
8. Stoned Dragon – 7:45
Album Length: 48:44

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