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Lost Tribes Of The Moon to release “Chapter II: Tales Of Strife, Destiny, And Despair” in March

LOST TRIBES OF THE MOON proudly make their return as they finally unveil their much anticipated sophomore album, Chapter II: Tales Of Strife, Destiny, And Despair. The album will be self-released on March 25.

The band has released two singles from the forthcoming album:

“Unleash The Berserkers”

“A Chapter from the Book of Blood”

Chapter II: Tales Of Strife, Destiny, And Despair is a vast and dense musical journey that spans over 75 minutes and showcases the evolution of the band from the time since their debut effort. Picking up from where they left off and taking giant steps beyond, LOST TRIBES OF THE MOON have expanded their musical borders and universe tenfold with the new album.

Eight tracks are tied together like chapters from a book to make up what tells the musical tales on this album. Themes for these songs are inspired by Stephen King’s The Dark Tower and Clive Barker’s Books Of Blood, as well as previously explored territorial themes such as demonology and mythology. The familiar elements of Doom, Prog Rock, NWOBHM, Black Metal, and Folk have all returned, but this time these styles get further explored and displayed as a more unique and matured sound within the compositions.

An extended amount of synthesizers, theremin and acoustic instruments are woven into the music along with vibraphones, gongs and other percussive instruments to add to the complexity of this new sound. Featuring new members Julie Brandenburg on vocals and bassist Chris Ortiz, this bolstered lineup displays an extensive array of talent and instrumentation on this latest album to deliver to the listener something truly unique while taking them along for an exciting musical ride!



Jon Liedtke – Guitar
Jeremiah Messner – Drums
Julie Brandenburg – Vocals
Chris Ortiz – Bass


Lost Tribes Of The Moon is a band that follows their own path musically and allows their music to speak for themselves. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconson, Lost Tribes Of The Moon doesn’t try to be defined by one or two genres, rather using “metal” as its main vehicle of sound, but citing influences ranging from Doom Metal, 70’s hard rock, Prog Rock,, Black Metal, NWOBHM, folk, and ambient/experimental to make up a reference for what the listener has in store for their ears. The band focuses on dynamics within their musicianship and proper use of inspiration to deliver a sound that doesn’t sit neatly into any single description or genre.
Lost Tribes Of The Moon takes their name from a reference to Clive Barker’s Nightbreed movie and graphic novel and uses that type of dark story telling fictional (or not so) universe combined with lyrics based on stories of mythical figures and old tales to influence the vibe of this band. They released their self-titled debut album in 2018 to a well received audience and celebrated reviews by music critics. 2019 and 2020 saw the additions of Julie Brandenburg on vocals and Chris Ortiz on bass to make up the lineup that recorded their sophomore album, Chapter II: Tales Of Strife, Destiny, And Despair.
Lost Tribes Of The Moon have been performing as a live band since September of 2017, and in that time have been a support act for such bands as Trouble, Today Is The Day, Black Tusk, Immortal Bird, Vanishing Kids, Doomstress, Dreadnought, Ails, Owl, Savage Master, and Vile Creature.
The band’s goals for the remainder of 2022 is to promote their much anticipated sophomore album and venture out to further regions beyond their hometown and the Midwest to share their music and live sound with more and more audiences. Never satisfied as just being content with their musical accomplishments, the band also stays focused on progressing and regularly composing new material to evolve to the next phase of their existence.

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