Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Trapézia releases videoclip “Mirror”

Combining magic and retrofuturistic concepts, the Trapézia project continues to promote the conceptual debut EP entitled ‘ECILA’, which garnered much praise from the specialized critics. Today, the project releases the music video for the track “Mirror”, a super production inspired by fairy tales with dense and dark tones and with a heavy sound and striking chorus.

“A curiosity is that, initially, ‘Mirrror’ was written in Portuguese, but I never got to finish it because soon it had the transition to English. ‘Mirror’ came about in early 2019 when I wasn’t even planning on releasing my own songs yet. It was then around July 2019 that I got to work better on her through the banding coaching course where I had the privilege of taking classes with Rafa Bittencourt at Sesc Guarulhos. During this course I was motivated to finish the song that when it was in Portuguese it didn’t even have a name yet, the chorus was the first thing I worked on and I already put the lyrics in English as a result. I always say that I am very privileged to have had classes with Rafael Bittencourt and Fernando Quesada, they are people who inspire me a lot! They have a lot of guilt about the path I’ve been taking”, comments Thaís Lyrica.

Trapézia has also released the project’s first music video, for the track “Games”, which describes the first chapter of the EP’s history. The single has the special participation of the renowned musician Fernando Quesada on bass (General Director of the music school group SCHOOL OF ROCK BRASIL), who has played in the bands Shaman and Noturnall.

In her first musical work, the artist Thais Lyrica uses all her knowledge of fashion training to insert a retrofuturistic visual concept into her music. With the release of ‘ECILA’, the artist presents us with a fantastic world inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the work of Lewis Carroll, where every detail, from the letters to the costumes were designed and made by Thais. With an authentic and steampunk look, Trapézia takes you on a fantastic journey into the world of ECILA. “ECILA’ is the realization of a childhood dream and I really want to continue telling stories through my music”.

An authorial project of melodic metal, Trapézia was founded by artist Thaís Lyrica, who has been in contact with music from a very young age, influenced by her father, who was a musician. She began her singing studies at age 16, but she only started to dedicate herself to singing lessons in 2018. The universe of authorial music happened by chance in the life of Thais, who in 2019 after enrolling in an authorial music competition, in which she decided to participate, just a week before the closing of registrations – a moment in 2019 when she revealed her musical talent to everyone, including family members who, until then, did not know about her musical journey.

Trapézia brings the more artistic side of Thais, who has always been very shy and reserved and who found in her musical project a way to express herself and, to overcome great personal barriers that until then, seemed to be unattainable goals, Thaís Lyrica believes that dreams are possible, but dreaming is not enough! She considers herself a dreamer without limits, but you have to have a lot of determination for all these dreams to come true! Thais has a degree in Fashion Design and has an alternative fashion brand, with the same name as its musical project.

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