Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Ironstone release searing new single/video “Deadly Laser”

Melbourne progressive metalcore outfit IRONSTONE release new single ‘Deadly Laser’, starting a fresh chapter for the band’s recently altered line up.
The fiery, explosive track takes the listener on a musical journey of technicality and nuance, the ominous, down tuned guitars and heavy, syncopated rhythm setting the stage for an infectiously memorable and melodic chorus. Exploring the existential dread of being so small and vulnerable in a giant universe, Edward Warren’s vocals cut straight through every bit as ferociously as the UV rays he warns of. Boasting an impressive mix of smooth, clean singing and brutal, blood curdling screams, ‘Deadly Laser’ embodies the vivid storytelling and dynamic musicality that has become signature to IRONSTONE’s sound.

“Life itself is an incredibly delicate balance and we don’t stop to think about the sheer improbability of our existence. This song was intended to serve as a reminder of the beauty and fragility of our world, urging us not to take for granted the sliver of ozone layer that protects us from a raging star” says vocalist, Edward Warren. “There’s an irony that the very thing providing us with warmth and nourishment could under slightly different circumstances erase all life on earth. Even though it has a dark, menacing tone, at the end of the day the message is an artistic expression of gratitude, wrapped in a melodramatic warning.”

The new single is accompanied by an intense music video that accentuates the critical urgency of the core message. It shows the band performing in orange haze and laser light as well as scenes of a heat ravaged, exasperated Edward delivering his desperate caution of potential impending doom.

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2023 has seen a restructure of IRONSTONE, most notably with former lead guitarist and songwriter Edward Warren stepping into the position of lead vocalist. This exciting development allows Edward to lean in to his natural affinity for dramatic performance by personally delivering his own lyrical message. Returning to the band after a 3 year hiatus is brother Perry Warren on lead guitar, with new member Sam Angove on bass and original member Jackson Whyte on drums.

Mixed by Christopher Vernon and mastered by Acle Kahney of Tesseract, ‘Deadly Laser’ is IRONSTONE’s first single release since their sophomore EP ‘The Place I Cannot Find’ in October 2022.

Rapidly rising as one of Melbourne’s brightest young metal outfits, IRONSTONE pour a combination of progressive, djent and metalcore influences into their dynamic, cleverly crafted music. With an astounding skill level and energetic stage presence, they blend melodic choruses and atmospheric layers with percussive rhythm, heavy guitars, crushing breakdowns and extreme vocals. The result is a highly modern metal sound that is technical, sophisticated and hard hitting.

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