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Darkhold, repent your sins to the darkhold

Darkhold is a new heavy thrash metal band born from differents paths of its own elements (former members of methedras, nefastis, self disgrace and syndrome), whose skills and personal attitudes melted up together into the preachers, the only european tribute to american thrashers testament. There are immediately need and urgency to show up personal creativity and taste in order to build up original stuffs, where the main word is compositional freedom: 9 songs full of rhythmic intensity, ‘80 and ‘90 thrash backlashes, classic heavy metal, modern groove and melodic biting vocal solutions.
Repent your sins to the darkhold

METALMUSIC – Could you tell our readers about the band what makes you different from other artists?
Darkhold –
We are not different from many other artists in the world, we are moved by the same flame, the same passion for metal music and its power, the will to make some wonderful metal stuff and spread our metal disease with the rest of the world, and last but not least we are Italian: the metal world often think that italians bands are not able to face metal scene like other band all over the world, but it’s a huge bullshit that deserves a huge confutation on stage.

METALMUSIC – How did you become involved in this crazy world of music?
Darkhold –
Each one of us started his own musical path differently many years ago, moved by the passion for heavy metal, and of course music by far, and its different styles across time: we are not only metal listeners, we really appreciate other kind of music and we always try to take out the best from every kind of music influence, and instrument, all over the world.

METALMUSIC – who are your musical inspirations and what was the inspiration behind the album and the songs?
Darkhold –
We born as a heavy-thrash metal band for our previous music experiences but most of all for the reason we really love that metal sound and creative approach during songwriting moments; we born as the only European Testament tribute band, ’cause we love them so much, but we focused the songs creation opening our mind in a very wide way, forgetting not our roots but also our daily music tastes, so the final songs came out quite easily due to this.

METALMUSIC – What are your interests outside of music?
Darkhold –
Each one of us has different situations with families and sons or not, and of course different interests: comics, motorbike, movies, tv series, historical reanactment, sport, travels in different countries…we are citizens of the world, but always metalheads in our hearts.

METALMUSIC – Tell us about the new album?
Darkhold –
Our debut album “Tales From Hell” is the beginning of a long story about sin, and his evolution across different situations and different characters, in order to create a story that will never ends… It starts from the Dante’s Inferno with the characters of some famous fantasy tales, in a total concept of ucrony: what would happen in their lives and adventures if these characters took different, and of course worst and sinful, chose during their path? Take a look to them in our booklet, read their stories and you will find out the roots of their sins.

METALMUSIC – Where was the album recorded, who produced it and how long did the process take?
Darkhold –
We started the songwriting of Tales From Hell before the pandemic years, but due to that situation we were forced to stop it and think about our own lives; we restarted that process at the end of 2021, concentrating on all the process for music, themes, artwork and label. We fully produced everything and it was recorded at Factory Studio across November and December 2022, then mixed and mastered across January and February 2023 and out via Ghost Record Label at the end of March 2023.

METALMUSIC – What is the highlight of the album for you and why?
Darkhold –
Well, we are in love with all of our songs, for many different reasons, and we really have not a favorite one, because all of them show different themes and sins to be understood and lived; I think that the most representative could be No Strings On Me, Heads Will Roll, King Of Miracles and Hypnotized By Evil, these songs are full powered but each on with a different approach.

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