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Claustrofobia guitarist Marcus D’angelo featured in new episode of Jackson Guitars “Behind The Riff”

Jackson Guitars has uploaded a new episode of “Behind The Riff” , in which former Claustrofobia guitarist, Marcus D’Angelo, takes you through the story of a riff from the band’s song “The Encrypted”, second track of the new album ‘Unleeched’

“So it’s a huge pleasure to be able, through Jackson’s official media, to explain with examples how I developed my way of playing Metal with this Brazilian and South American flavor, not only bringing the experience of mixing rhythms but also applying it in a hybrid way without losing the essence and true metal spirit. So the bottom line is not only about bringing the Brazilian Metal style to the world but representing and expressing the Metal from the tropics in general”, says Marcus D’Angelo.

Jackson began back in the late 1970s, when heavy music experienced a flamboyant and virtuosic resurgence in popularity and a small Southern California guitar repair shop became the epicenter of a new level of shred-approved excellence. Ever since then, Jackson guitars have been universally lauded as the metal guitars

About the lasting partnership with, Marcus D’Angelo says: I truly have an amazing relationship with Jackson Guitars since 1994, these masterpieces complete me in all the ways and in addition to being the best guitars for my proposal, the brand’s ethical position represents me a lot: Attitude, Truthfulness and Loyalty”.

It is also possible to hear the tracks from the new album “Neuro Massacre” and “Força Além da Força”, on Jackson’s official playlist on Spotify. The latter is a surprising version of the song “Strength Beyond Strength”, by Pantera, which was adapted into Portuguese by ClaustrofobiaLISTEN HERE. 

Now based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Brazilian death/thrash metal trio Claustrofobia, formed in 1994 by brothers Marcus and Caio D’Angelo, has a career spanning nearly three decades, a discography comprising six full-length albums and a release in DVD, a multitude of international tours, high-performance live performances sharing stages with the likes of Iron Maiden, Slayer and Anthrax, as well as countless fans around the world.

Watch the video HERE!
Listen to the track “The Encrypted” HERE!
Claustrofobia’s Marcus D’Angelo: Riff from “The Encrypted” | Behind The Riff | Jackson Guitars
Crédito da foto: Rafael Yamada
More about Claustrofobia:

Founded and led by the D’Angelo brothers, fiercely independent since 1994, CLAUSTROFOBIA acts with the same respect and attitude in the dirtiest underground clubs or on today’s biggest stages.

Their unmistakable energy and authenticity has won them countless fans throughout Brazil, South America, Europe and the United States. It is no surprise that they shared the stage with Metal royalty Iron Maiden, Slayer, Anthrax, among others.

In 2019, they returned to Brazil for a historic show at Rock in Rio, at the request of Brazilian fans, through a nationwide petition. The band was also invited by Slayer to open for their final show in São Paulo.CLAUSTROFOBIA releases the seventh studio album: “Unleeched”. In this project, the Brazilian heavy metal group brings back their classic aggressive sound, and also expands their sound throughout the 9 unreleased tracks. “Unleeched” is a release from the American label Metal Assault Records. The album is now available on all digital platforms and in physical format through the website:
‘Unleeched’ track listing:
1. Stronger than Faith (4:10)
2. The Encrypted (3:56)
3. Neuro Massacre (2:56)
4. Psychosapiens (3:12)
5. Corrupted Self – feat. Marc Rizzo (ex-Soulfly / Cavalera Conspiracy) (3:36)
6. Unleeched (3:36)
7. Snake Head (4:20)
8. Crawling back to yourself (3:30)
9. 2020 (March to Glory) (4:20)
 Claustrofobia is:
Marcus D’Angelo – Vocalist and Guitarist
Caio D’Angelo – Drums and Effects
Rafael Yamada – Bass and backing vocals

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