Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Without Warning releases their new single with anexplosion called “New Order”

Without Warning, the new promising Finnish modern metal act who opened recent live shows for Fear Of Domination among others, has released their 6th single called “New Order” with a music video. The single is a provocative dive into the destruction of humanity. “New Order” takes its listeners to a dystopian world where the machine pulse gets fused with heavy electronic and melodic elements. With the new single, the band also showcases their updated look in their outfits which has grown to become a noticeable element. 

– As I was writing the song, I wanted to support the band’s concept while showcasing our heavier and dramatic sides. With the familiar melodic elements that have become staples in our music, this song roams through chaotic atmospheres that also support the lyrical themes of the song. Says bassist and producer, Aleksi Rintala

“New Order” provides a strong musical experience, but also awakens you to ponder how technology affects our society. The single can also be described as a soundtrack from an anxiety filled future, where the artificial intelligence birthed by mankind wants to create a new start by tyranny. Along with the strong lyrics, Without Warning has been able to create a unique atmosphere which sticks to the listener. 

-The single is a song about our concept in Without Warning, where we view the story from three different angles. We have built a fictional backstory and theme for the band where an evil artificial intelligence named Omega wants to destroy humankind to build a new future. We, the members of the band, use the term “disciples” when referring to ourselves and we are the creation of Omega. The messengers. In “New Order” you can hear the desperate realization the humankind faces, Omega’s bittersweet thirst for revenge and the disciple’s final warning for what is to come. Describes the vocalist, Michaela “Micha” Tuomenoksa

You can now listen to “New Order” on all the biggest streaming platforms: Follow Without Warning on social media to get the recent news and information on live shows. Without Warning – New Order (Official music video)  

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