Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

We Do Not Belong Here to release debut EP “Strange to Cope in Today’s World” in September

With one foot in the world of Black and Death Metal and one foot in the world of Emo and Post-Hardcore, Louisiana’s We Do Not Belong Here is the sum of seemingly disparate parts. Strange to Cope in Today’s World, the trio’s debut EP, will be self-released on September 8.

The EP’s first single, “A Life, Explained” is available now at:


Strange to Cope in Today’s World, recorded with James Whitten of Hightower Recording in New Orleans, is a chaotic journey. At the EP’s most mournful, Heck’s pained delivery and confessional lyrics play against the haunting melodies of Bennett’s guitar while Martinez’s propulsive drumming drives the band forward. These moments are a counterpoint to the EP’s most aggressive moments when all three members lock in on powerful rhythms and vocal deliveries. Strange to Cope in Today’s World is a lamentation of living in a region on the brink of fascism and environmental ruin.

Formed in 2022 as an outlet for the trio to reject stylistic constraints, We Do Not Belong Here writes music that snakes around clear genre definitions. The chaotic sound of the band is a reflection of the members. AJ Martinez and Troy Bennett, members of Louisiana blackened death metal powerhouse Faustian, create a sinister sonic landscape for the shredded vocals of Nat Heck, member of Louisiana emo staple Wonder Kid.  



Track Listing:

1. A Chain Pulled Taut

2. A Life, Explained

3. Faith or Fucked

4. Shame

5. Strange to Cope in Today’s World

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