Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Twilight Zone – “Visions Of Freedom”

Twilight Zone in about thirty years of career have not been very productive, but with this “Visions Of Freedom” they accelerate their career, realizing their second full-length. This band plays classic heavy metal, but doesn’t always have the fixation to go fast, but rather, there will be many partially or totally acoustic songs that you will find throughout the tracklist.

This peculiarity reminded me a lot of some melodic ballads or suites of bands like Hammerfall or Manowar, but also wanting the scaffolding that Iron Maiden gave to an album like “Fear Of The Dark”, which in fact had many melodic songs inside and which therefore often bordered on the territories of the more commercial and melodic hard rock. Like that Maiden record, which opened with the fast and aggressive “Be Quick Or Be Dead”, here too we have the same thing with “The Laws of Denial”, just preceded by the almost calm intro “Nemesis”, but we start at rocket! Then the album slows down the rhythms and begins with a series of groove-rich episodes alternating with others, as we said, decidedly melodic, on which the ballad “Reminescence” stands out, but we will see other pure metal songs such as “Run But Can’t Hide” and “Vision”.

An album that still satisfies enough, that doesn’t move from the more classic metal territories but that lives appreciable moments of melody in good quantity. Advised.

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