Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Symphonic metal guardians Shield Of Wings stream album exclusively at Decibel

Epic Symphonic Metal band SHIELD OF WINGS are streaming their new album, “Unfinished” right now on Decibel Magazine! The album explores themes of growth through self-examination, regret, sacrificial death and rebirth. With bold, vast orchestral compositions soaring over chugging guitars, SHIELD OF WINGS makes it abundantly clear that they are Unfinished, in more ways than one.

Songwriter/guitarist James Gregor comments on the album,

“”Unfinished” is an album that displays a wide range of emotion and sonic exploration, drawing from the last decade of my life, and (hopefully) some growth experienced in that time. Though I would generally characterize it as Symphonic Metal, I have been told others can hear influences of death, folk, power and even black metal. The word “epic” seems overused these days, but it is the one I keep hearing people use to describe our sound. So, I hope this record takes you on an “epic” and authentic journey, through despair, finding encouragement, and ending in hope.”

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