Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Spacegoat release new single/video for “Eternal Return”

Australian Alternative Metaller Spacegoat releasing today another video for the song ‘Eternal Return’.

“Eternal Return is heavier than our last release, and I suppose it’s darker in its theme, too. The song shines a spotlight on the huge responsibility parents have to do the right thing by their children, and that even good intentions can often have traumatic consequences.” say Vocalist Ez

The ‘Eternal Return’ is that unconscious way parents can fall into the chasm of making the same mistakes their own parents made, thus perpetuating negative cycles. The song is a cry of pleading to a parent to break the cycle before it’s too late, causing another child to grow into an adult with psychological scarring, poor self esteem and difficulties coping with life. It’s an “outside looking in” perspective on a parent/child relationship that is locked in constant conflict, but ultimately asking the parent to step up, as they are the one that holds the responsibility to ensure this relationship isn’t permanently damaged, as well as the child.

Ez added:
“As a child-free by choice person, I can’t fathom that there are people in the world who don’t put a lot of thought into bringing life into the world, and how massive the responsibility is to care for and nurture another human being. There is no relationship more powerfully influential than the one a parent has over their offspring, and that influence proceeds childhood into adulthood; that influence lasts a lifetime and without self-evaluation, the instances of parents passing trauma down the generations continues eternally.”Line Up:
Ez Eddy – Vocals
Leon Russell – Guitar
Mighty McGrath – Guitar
Kid Eddy – Bass
Adam Beattie – Drums
Hailing from from Central Victoria, Australia, alternative metal outfit Spacegoat is not to be overlooked. With roots in various metal sub-genres, they have been likened to bands such as Flyleaf, The Butterfly Effect, Deftones, Tool, and Halestorm, however Spacegoat really do have a sound that is uniquely their own.

The five members have a synergy that shines through their songs and is particularly evident when they take to the stage. Spacegoat’s performances have been described as energetic and infectious. Emerging in 2019, their debut EP ‘33’ was met with positive reviews from punters and publications alike and their follow up release ‘Catharsis’ really began getting people’s attention.

Recently, Spacegoat were voted amongst the top bands in Melbourne for a chance to play at the acclaimed Good Things Festival. While they didn’t claim the top prize, this opportunity demonstrated the enthusiasm brewing behind the band and encouraged Spacegoat to have their sights set on new heights for 2023. A string of new releases is planned from February and the members of Spacegoat are excited to be releasing their best music yet.

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