Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

“Sidereal”, out for Ghost Record, Sankta Kruco’s new album, in digital and cd

Out start today on the main digital stores via The Orchad [Sony Digital Distribution], “Sidereal”, Sankta kruco’s new album [Death Doom Metal] in collaboration with TILT MUSIC PRODUCTION.
The album is also available online in digital format, via crashsound distribution, and on SONY catalog.

“Sidereal is a journey without light, hope is over and we just have to atone for our sins. We have betrayed Mother Earth and we are moving towards the autumn of our existence. Without air we cannot live and go back is impossible.”

Get your physical copy here


  1. Primo igne, in fine hominis – 8,56 min
  2. Espiazyone – 5,02 min [Available In Streaming]
  3. Sidereal – 4,45 min
  4. Ode à Cassandra – 7,00 min [Available In Streaming]
  5. Last crepuscle – 1,20 min
  6. Autumna – 5,25 min
  7. Addio – 1,30 min

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