Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Seething Akira release blistering new single “Internal Antagonist”, out now on FiXT

Defiant six-piece nu-metal rockers Seething Akira turn introspective with their punishing new nu-metal single “Internal Antagonist.” The aggressive single pushes the hardcore group into even more turbulent wavelengths featuring thrashing guitars waylaid into frenetic and at times outright chaotic synthesizers. Heavy rhythms push the single along at a furious pace; thoughtful and provocative lyrics showcased through an explosive rap/rock vocal performance illustrate further a mental war of the wills when you feel like an imposter in the midst of your own success. The track is a perfect illustration of Imposter Syndrome, where you feel that you don’t deserve where you have managed to get, even though you have worked extremely hard to achieve it.

“‘Internal Antagonist’ is a documented case of imposter syndrome,” states Seething Akira. “The feeling we’re an imposter in our own skin, and the environment we have earned to exist in.”

Explosive. Bombastic. Defiant. Intense. Seething Akira continues to rock on with their gloriously turbulent nu-metal sound towards their next album, Nozomi. Hot off the editorial success of their last album Dysfunctional Wonderland and with recent appearances at the Heavy Music Awards 2022, TECH-FEST, the Hammerdown Festival, UK TechFest, Amplified Festival 2022, an upcoming appearance at the Hairy Dog, in Derby, UK headlining their free Road to Derby event, an appearance at Apocalypse Summer Bash at Bristol, headlining at Southampton, and a recently featured single on the hit Meta Quest VR game Smash Drums with “The Fallen”. With the announcement that they are joining Confession Of A Traitor on selected dates for their UK tour, Seething Akira is not slowing down any time soon.

“Internal Antagonist” is out now from independent multi-genre music label FiXT

Purchase/Stream: https://found.ee/InternalAntag