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Sacrifix celebrates closing the cycle with new video

One of the biggest brazilian representatives of Old School Thrash Metal from Sao Paulo, SACRIFIX, celebrate the end of the promotion cycle for their debut album “World Decay 19”, by releasing a video for the title track.
Recorded by Fabio Hoffman at Rocks Studio, in Sao Paulo, produced and edited by Frank Gasparotto, the video was conceived in the first, face-to-face rehearsal with the bands complete formation, Frank (vocals/guitar), Kexo (bass) and Gustavo Piza (drums) due to all the pandemic restrictions over the previous months that made getting together difficult.

“Me and Gustavo Piza (drums) had already rehearsed together once before, from which came our other video for the track “Let Him Die”, with our bassist Kexo remotely due to the pandemic. But now, with all the band together, it was a really special moment for everyone, as we had a lot of fun and couldn’t stop playing. The audio is a demo version mixed with some excerpts from the rehearsal”, comments Frank Gasparotto.

“Releasing the video for the album’s title track is a way for us to close the promotional campaign in a cyclical way. The lyrics of “World Decay 19″ reflect the current reality of the world, although it was written more than a year ago, little has changed on the world stage. It is not just about the pandemic, but about all the armed conflicts, civil wars, death and destruction happening in the world. Many children are growing up without their parents, many parents are losing their children in stupid wars and the world’s rulers are getting richer and richer. Meanwhile, people waste time defending these politicians, whether from the right or left! Seriously, it’s a lot to make us revolt!”, concludes Frank.

With this cycle over, the band is now in the process of writing, recording and releasing an EP and following that, a new album, and soon, more Old School Fuckin’ Thrash Metal will be poured around the world! Expect more news soon!

Additional information:

SACRIFIX does not intend to be just “one more” band among thousands of others in the Thrash Metal segment in our country, but to show how to do it in the most intense, vigorous and violent way possible, respecting the origins of the style. no frills and/or fuss. Their sound is based entirely on the rawness and harshness of the most classic side of Thrash Metal, without inventions and with lyrics inspired by wars, occultism, social criticism, existential issues, religion and violence. Heavily influenced by the early work of bands such as Megadeth, Annihilator, Slayer, Sodom and Kreator, they released in 2021, through a partnership with Thrash Or Die Records and Rapture Records, their highly praised debut album “World Decay 19”.


Frank Gasparotto – Vocals/Guitars
Kexo – Bass
Gustavo Piza – Drums

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