Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Rising Finnish metal band Chronoform returns with massive sounding new single

Rising Finnish metal act Chronoform released a new single, Into the Abyss, on October 5th 2022. The digital release can be listened to in all streaming services. Into the Abyss marks the band’s first release since the 2020 full-length album, Myoni.

Here’s a few words from the guys: “Into the Abyss is our first single after the release of Myoni, and at the same time the first release in two years. In these two years our sound has matured even further, and we’d like to think of the new single as a comeback of some sorts. The melancholic but energetic song showcases the best songwriting by us so far. Crushing blast beats accompanied with a massive chorus immediately wow the listener, and new levels appear with each listening.”

Listen to “Into the Abyss”:

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