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Malvina Offer Prog Metalcore with “The Backward Elite” new single

Malvina, one of the most energetic Brazilian hardcore bands, releases this Thursday, March 21st, “The Backward Elite”, the second single released by Xaninho, which will be part of the new album. The song follows up the single “Thanatos”, which was on the radar of the Punk Rock Museum, received special coverage in Poland by IDIOTEQ, Circle Pit in the USA, Thoughts Words Action in Croatia and Punk Roquette in Canada.

Malvina is a band composed by the brothers Berman Berbert (Voice/Guitar), Vinny Berbert (Voice/Bass) and Renato Avellar (Drums) – now counting on a new drummer, Marcelo Bastos, who joins forces with the original lineup. The trio was born in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil and its main influences are hardcore punk, progressive and metal, which explains the sound developed over the years.

The trio has 2 albums and some EPs released. The latest album, ‘Hybrid War’, released in April 2019, was distributed by several labels in Europe, the United States, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Turkey. The album addresses the process that led to the 2016 Coup, the destruction of national industry and the rise of the far right in Brazil.

The band is based on the concept of ‘Hybrid War’, developed by political analyst Andrew Korybko, who praised the band’s latest work, sharing it on his social networks. The album reached some of the Best of 2019 lists on websites specializing in hardcore punk around the world, and reached seventh place on the list of the 100 best albums of the year on the biggest website in the genre, the

Malvina was invited by the Italian label Inconsapevole Records to be part of the compilation album ‘Punk Rock Against War Vol.II’, which allocates the funds raised to an NGO that cares for war victims in Europe. The collection featured big names in global punk-hardcore such as Propagandhi, Samiam, Strike Anywhere, Ten Foot Pole and Farside.

The latest single, “Thanatos”, was released in July 2023 by Xaninho Discos, and had good repercussions nationally and internationally. It entered the radar of the Punk Rock Museum, received special coverage in Poland by IDIOTEQ, Circle Pit in the USA, Thoughts Words Action in Croatia, Punk Roquette in Canada, and Andrezza Barros in Brazil, among others.

Malvina has performed alongside Discharge, Agnostic Front, Ratos de Porão, Crypta, Dead Fish, Mukeka di Rato, Garotos Podres and Inocentes.

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