Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

LA MENADE – “Reversum”

The female trio called La Menade, from Italy, has been around for more than twenty years proposing its particular alternative rock/metal and does not seem to want to lay down its weapons. With this “Reversum” the band explores the dark side of society and human psychology, through lyrics that directly refer to the last very sad years for Planet Earth. This “Reversum” seems like a personal outburst, but it doesn’t do so much through anger, but through a mirror that reflects the soul of these musicians.

A cathartic album full of emotional energy, on which Tatiana Lassandro’s guitars and voice stand out, and where Tania Marano’s synths add even more that dark tone to the whole, making this album truly irresistible and in some ways controversial, because artists don’t always have the courage and ability to lay themselves bare in such a credible way. The worthy episodes follow one another without stopping. Life Resounds” immediately makes us understand that we are at the edge of a precipice, the dark moods overlap, the tension rises up to one of the best episodes of the album, namely “Alone”.

But also songs like the adrenaline-filled and morbid “Black days”, “Zero” and “Beauty has gone”, up to the decadent and futuristic “Closer” and “Reversum”, which closes the platter in a darker way than it began, with its storm of synths and electro-dark rhythms. Simply a must have album, a touching and unique work.

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