Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Jaksyn – “In The Air”

Jaksyn is a solo musician from regional Victoria, Australia, fusing various influences to create an eclectic and creatively expanding sound.

He began writing and performing music from the age of 13 and has progressed to playing in his rock band Apex Bloom, and is currently releasing new music from years of writing and personal growth.

His debut single ‘Sleeping Without Sound’ displays the guitar-driven side of the tunes, whilst the following song ‘Black Clouds & Blue Mist’ gave audiences a taste of the more electronic side of the work.

His debut album ‘Boketto’ was released on September 9 2022 and offers a glimpse of strong personal feelings with heartfelt writing sprinkled throughout.

Jaksyn’s sophomore record ‘The Overload’ takes influence from the likes of Joji, Talking Heads, and Peter Gabriel. A more mellow-sounding soundscape paints this album and draws out themes of loss and daily struggle with mental health.

As creativity blooms and artistic vision expands, Jaksyn is intending to release a significant amount of music, all in different styles.
This ranges from his newest project ‘WILD VILE WEST’ an album that tells the tale of a gunslinger caught in the turmoil of the badlands of the old West. To further endeavors that include Rock, Jazz, Electronic/pop, Indie, Ballads, and much more.

The future of Jaksyn’s music is exciting and invigorating, as there are many yet-to-be-seen genres that are in the works, ready to be explored.

“In The Air”, il suo nuovo singolo, è una canzone in cui si possono apprezzare corpo e profondità sonora che si fondono a regola d’arte con una buona dose di grinta ed un notevole impatto sonoro, tutto rafforzato da una voce che amplifica l’ascolto.

Non è la solita proposta banale, nemmeno scontata, sebbene il genere sia ormai pieno di progetti più o meno validi (e possiamo sicuramente mettere quella di Jaksyn tra quelle valide). Un brano la cui impostazione fluida e dinamica, riesce a tenere amalgamato l’ascolto regalando una traccia corposa e con una metrica esaltante.

Un chiaro segno della versatilità dell’artista e di come riesca a proporre della buona musica senza cadere nel solito calderone di idee.

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