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Israel’s Twisted Mind release debut EP “From Slave To Prophet”

Israel’s Twisted Mind is proud to share with the world their debut EP “From Slave To Prophet”. The band’s goal is to promote their self-dubbed “Happy Metal” and break the glass ceiling of musical genres. They’re an eclectic blend of modern Israeli oriental music and metal influences from a kaleidoscope of different musicians and bands that have inspired them.

“We really hope people could relate to this record. It’s a simple yet interesting experience would be the right way to describe it. You see, we are all great believers in the power of music to unite different worlds and traditions together. We hope and aspire that the new mix of cultures and sounds in our music will break the invisible wall and stigmas between the whole “genres culture”. On one hand, you can hear the strong and powerful metal shredding guitars. On the other hand, simple and catchy melodies and hooks from more “mainstream” kind’s musical genres. And to spice it all up, let’s not forget some beautiful enchanting oriental parts taken from our ancestor’s Middle Eastern and African heritage. Overall, we think our fans will love to hear something fresh, a little different, and most of all special and brand new!” adds the band.

This EP is all about the band’s timeline from when they started at the beginning of the pandemic and through the war of getting rock and roll less stigmatic. They didn’t come from great money and wealth. They are warriors, fighting hard and aiming to become something bigger, something that will bring people of the world together. And while they are on their way, they try to inspire people to fight for their beliefs, unite for a cause, open their minds to other points of view and create amazing things together, which will maybe make the world a better place. That’s why they choose “From Slave to Prophet” as the concept name for their EP.

For the EP’s release day, Twisted Mind is sharing their new music video for the track “Burning Grounds”, a protest song they wrote about the world as they see it today. Corruption in governments, violence, and problems of the world as they perceive them.

Watch and listen to “Burning Grounds” at

Twisted Mind is a band that brings massive amounts of optimistic and positive energy and party vibes called “Hafla” in Israel.

“Hafla is some sort of a middle eastern party, a feast, a binge kind of celebration. We bring that feeling, elevated by a wall of massive distortions and intensity. “Happy Metal” if you will.” says the band.

Twisted Mind is recommended for fans of Muse, Dhafer Youssef, Orphaned Land, and Linkin Park.

“From Slave to Prophet” is now available on all digital platforms as of December 9th, 2022 at the following link:

Previous Videos:

Music Video – “Walked Through Hell”

Music Video – “Long Live Rock & Roll”

Track Listing:
1. Long Live Rock & Roll – 03:59
2. Burning Grounds – 04:49
3. Walked Through Hell – 03:52
4. Back Home – 06:25
5. From Slave to Prophet – 05:00
EP Length: 24:07

EP Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Twisted Mind
• All songs written by: Twisted Mind
• Produced by: Omer Lempert
• Mixed by: Omer Lempert
• Mastered by: Maor Appelbaum
• EP Artwork by: Inbar Kassavi

EP Recording Line Up:
Lahav Zityat – Guitar +Oud
Assaf Tirosh – Bass
David Darash – Drums
Yanir Chmiel – Lead Vocals
Dan Saliman – Guitar + Bouzouki

Live Line Up:
Lahav Zityat – Guitar +Oud
Or Levy – Bass
David Darash – Drums
Yanir Chmiel – Lead Vocals
Dan Saliman – Guitar + Bouzouki

For more info: |

About: The AOR rock/metal group Twisted Mind was founded in 2017 by Dan Saliman, an Israeli musician of a Yemenite & Moroccan-based heritage. Dan grew up in a home where oriental music was a Major part of his musical background

After a long process of creating a musical concept, Dan was joined by the other members, achieving this final line-up. The four joining members helped mold the sound, bringing their own styles, influences, and cultural heritage to Twisted Mind, thus creating a powerful combination of music that fuses the power and aggression of heavy metal, throughout the liberating energy of modern rock & roll.

And all this while using ethnical Middle Eastern music – emerging from their homeland and from the band members’ heritage and their own family ‘DNA’.Starting in San’aa –Yemen, through Istanbul – Turkey, passing through the deserts of Libya and traveling the long roads to a garage in Los Angeles.

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