Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Industrial Metal newcomers AVGMNT announce debut album “SEQVENCES’

AVGMNT (pronounced augment) is the dystopian cyberpunk themed brainchild of ΩZ (Zach Wager) and αn (Fernando Ruiz). Blending elements of synthwave, EBM, Industrial, and Trap as they explore Huxley/Gibson-esque concepts of mind control, totalitarianism, trans-humanism, and societal collapse; all based in the fictional city of Hexatropolis 2.0. The industrial duo are preparing to showcase their debut full-length, Seqvences, due out April 21st, 2023. Pre-orders are available HERE.

Elaborating on “Null” single, the band comments: “The song questions whether or not we’re ready for the great societal reset. When it all goes back to zero under the weight of our own hubris. We wanted to use the slow building tension that opens to frenetic percussions/aggressive guitars to express that panic and desperation with a sense of acceptance for the inevitably.”

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