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Hard Rock band Broken Wings release the new album “Against The Wind” for Ghost Record

Broken Wings release the new album “Against The Wind” for Ghost Record. “Against The Wind” it’s available in cds format and digital format on the record label stores , via Crashsound Distro and via CDBABY. The band has released the single video for the song “Devil Jane” .
“Against the wind”, the explosive album by BrokenWings. Released in June 2022, it is an album that collects 11 songs. Each song tells an emotion, a situation, a memory, a hope, a pain, a character, a friendship, and everything is based on a story. This is what the album focuses on, sharing and recounting real life, ranging from overwhelming 70s rock to 80s hard rock, without neglecting punk and ballads. Any listener can identify themselves in at least one of the 11 songs if not all, as long as he/she is truly a rock soul!

Broken Wings ON Stage

18th June release party al Black Stuff [UD-ITA]
06th August ‘Al Pan e Vin’ Alnicco [UD-ITA]
27th August Motoraduno ‘Urtos Grup Friûl’ Chiasiellis [UD-ITA]
23rd September Motoraduno ‘Grup X’ Friûl San Giorgio di Nogaro [UD-ITA]
24th September Positive Music [TO-ITA]

The Rock Band Broken Wings was set up in Udine (Northern Italy) in December 2018 and is formed by Massimo Zanuttini (guitar), Ilenia Serini (drums), Sabry Sabu (vocals) and Gabriele Plai (bass). They owe their name to the determination that distinguishes them for being against misfortunes and adversities as well as a great friendship and union. The idea came from Massimo (ex Party Animals / Lost Souls / Tycoon) who, after the electrifying experience overseas, playing at the Whiskey a Go Go and at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in Los Angeles with Party Animals and at various shared lives with small and large artists, in particular Chris Slade (AC / DC), Lost Angels (Slash’s Snakepit, White Lion, Alice Cooper, Cinderella), Thundermother, decides to take up the challenge on a new project, “calling to order” Sabry (ex Party Animals / Hard Cock Suicide), Ile (ex Party Animals / Jebbalsag), and adding the strength of a great friend on bass Gabry (ex Gold & Rust / Soundstrack / Tycoon / Two Geese). After having trodded several stages, overcoming the hard period of the lock down and having won some national contests, the desire in them grows to collect new and old songs, rigorously selected, in a “damned” album and to share their music without limits. A powerful Rock inspired by genres such as: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Rock’n’Roll from the 70s / 80s. And this is how Broken Wings are preparing to present the new album “Against the Wind” released in June 2022 recorded at the Mushroom Recording Studio, Mix & Mastering di Marzona Francesco. Already several dates are scheduled for a “damn” ROCK tour!

Line Up:
Sabry sabulyde – voice
Ile 9-3/4 – drum
Gabry Play – bass
Max “karma x7” – guitar

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