Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Finnish Metal band Gothony released a second single “In The Shadow Of The Moon”

Finnish Helsinki-based Drama Metal band Gothony released a second single “In The Shadow Of The Moon”. The track is taken from their upcoming debut album which is set to be released later on 2023.

LISTEN In The Shadow Of The Moon single: https://push.fm/fl/gothony-moon

Bass player Väiski Syväoja comments the single:
“In the Shadows of the Moon is the latest creation of drama metal. When the three heroes (Me, Mika Uusitalo, M.Toivonen) put their heads together for the composition, you can hear a return to the atmosphere of the 90s and the rustling of wings from metal classics. The song is crowned by Wuohi’s lyrics about the search for meaning and the disappointment when the search does not yield results… A drama metal classic has been born…”

Guitarist Mika Uusitalo comments:
“Rhythmic, rattling, dramatics, grief and hope…”

WATCH music video Patient 2442 for the first single: https://youtu.be/s9-Tc2Yoe3I

LISTEN Patient 2442 single on streaming services: https://push.fm/fl/gothony-patient2442


Gothony was founded in 1993 with the line-up
Mikko: drums and vocals
Mika: guitar + vocals
Miika: guitar
Väiski: bass

This line-up released two demos in the 90s in 1995 (Gothony) and 1997 (Hidden thoughts). Gigs mostly in the capital region, e.g. Oranssi klubi, Semifinal and at the legendary Thunder Road House. In 1999, the band broke up. There was no drama in the breakup, but everyone went toward different directions in life. In 2019, it was decided to reassemble Gothony to revive the past and play old songs. Mikko, who handled the vocals in the original line-up, gave the vocal responsibilities to Wuohi of the 90s group’s Bleed me tears and Katharsis.
In 2020, Gothony went to Tuska-Torstai and Emergenza to get a feel for live show’s. After the gigs, a decision was made to start working on new songs and continue Gothony’s story.
In April 2023, it’s time to release a new song as a single and a music video . The full-length album will be released in autumn 2023.

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