Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Death Metal Outfit Trog release new single “Cosmic Parasite”

TROG have revealed their disgusting new single “Cosmic Parasite” .
Listen: https://youtu.be/hBFs1HHk0BI
The band comments “This song is certainly the variety pack of the EP. We do a little bit of everything on this one: we blast, we thrash, we get a lil’ *spicy* with guitar harmonies, and we bring back some of the doomier elements seen on ‘Cave Dweller’. Lyrically, “Cosmic Parasite” follows the few remaining members of a native species desperately trying to outrun the mass extinction being brought on by a ruthless extraterrestrial attack on their home planet. Fun stuff all around. We’re really proud of this one…hope y’all like it!”
Initially forming as a three-piece in 2019, TROG (formerly TROGLOROT), released their debut EP Cave Dweller in the same year. The following years led to developments in both the band’s line-up and creative direction, and TROG are now ready to unleash the gory delights in Of Vomit Reborn on July 22nd, 2022.

TROG strive to deliver a savage old school death metal attack but with a more modern sense of precision, groove, and melody, entwined with an 80s horror vibe. The grisly outfit bleed inspiration from an array of acts across the extreme metal subgenres with notable mentions, CANNIBAL CORPSE, UNDEATH, early GOJIRA, DEATH, and MORBID ANGEL. Eerie electronics in the EP’s “Intro” evoke a dramatic sense of foreboding before descending into the deadly depths. Bloodthirsty guttural vocals rise through the heavy instrumentation in “Horrific Irrational Dream Imagery” to a monstrous effect. Bringing high impact with the hard hitting sound of “Cosmic Parasite”, through to the progressive melodies seeping through “Of Vomit Reborn”.   

Immerse yourself in the sanguinary of TROG’s latest offering. Brutal riffs, powerful percussion and ghastly vocals fuse together to birth an abominable sound. Deviating with unexpected interludes of 80s style synths, cuts through the dark mood with an equally disturbing segment. TROG have produced a grisly death metal release in Of Vomit Reborn, with their own distinctive twist.