Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Deadlock Crew releases their second album “No Way Out” via Ghost Record

Three years after the release of their debut album “Look Down On Me” [GHOST RECORD LABEL | BELIEVE DIGITAL], Deadlock Crew, Heavy Metal band, release the new album “No Way Out”. Promotion and Distribution, will be made by Ghost Record Label [GHOST RECORD | AWAL | THE ORCHAD | SONY MUSIC]. The band also created the lyric video for the track “Burn Devil Burn!” included in the album and visible below

“No way out” shows who we are now, without filters. Nine new disruptive tracks of pure metal. After 3 years Deadlock Crew are back with their latest work.

The band declares:

We searched for a greater sound impact, more complex and technical tracks compared to our past, now groove and dynamics are closer to metal than rock. A huge thanks goes to Zero Point Energy Recording studio for the great sound and the outstanding job in mixing and mastering. Lyrics range over different subjects. We span from our emotions and doubts, to the adrenaline rush stirred by the resonating sound of one’s own engine. We talk about fear, ignorance, but we also face current issues like military drones. “The path to nowhere” is inspired by a Gianni Rodari’s children fable to exalt the courage and fortunes of those who are the first to follow a new path. Last song is in Italian. “Io sono un boomer” might be the most direct and aggressive track of the album. The message is straightforward: I acknowledge who I am and this will never change, in the metal world I always feel like a teenager.


Deadlock Crew was born in Trieste, Italy, back in 1999. A solid metal band who maintained in time the same line up, energy and enthusiasm for hard music. Lorenzo and Giuliano, singer/guitarist and drummer, with their experience grown in many local music bands found a perfect synergy with Yure (guitar) and Daniele (bass guitar). The project is to mash up the different musical genres that influenced their own music since the beginning as thrash metal, alternative metal and hard rock. Immediately after the set-up of the band, they published a promo-cd called “Lobotomized people” which received a lot of positive reviews from the magazines of the time and pushed the band to remain active on the territory with many gigs, events, festivals and moto rallies. Live performances, made of “enthusiasm, watts and sweat”, soon became the addiction of the band; for this reason, studio recording was overshadowed by the attraction for the stage for an extended period. The COVID-19 years forced the four members to change course and to dedicate themself to developing and recording new material for the 2021 album “Look down on me”. In 2024 the band has grown further and the fire of enthusiasm and energy has not decreased. On the contrary, after many live shows where they entertained rock/metal music fans, they released their new album “No way out”, a more aggressive and technical album than the previous one. Excitement & fun! Forever Metal!

Line up:
Lorenzo “Lord renzo” Neppi – vocal, guitar
Lorenzo “Yure” Iustulin – guitar
Daniele Neppi – bass
Giuliano Taccardi – drum

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