Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

CVINGER releases a new video for “Doctrines By The Figures Of Črnobog”

With four albums under their belts already, Slovenia’s Cvinger returns seven years later to take listeners back into black metal darkness with “Doctrines By The Figures of Črnobog”. Originally creating death metal, they have diverged fully into the black metal underworld, playing festivals in Europe among some of the biggest names in the genre. This new album explores the existence of man in a Slavic spiritual realm whose body and soul are split during the rites and incantations. It is a journey of lust, madness, faith, and sorrow and questioning the existence of its mortality, and the first chance to dig your teeth into this aggressive offering is with a music video for the title track. The band comments:

“The album was written after meditation seances in a cave of a prehistoric hunter. It is the fastest and most brutal album that we have created till now. The new album/single “Doctrines By The Figures of Črnobog” will be released by the Polish record label Via Nocturna on the 28th of August 2023. With the new creation, we are paying homage to the Slavic old faith, especially the occult and the dark aspect of it. The band has gone through some lineup changes, and by bringing in the new blood, we have changed the perspective of creating and redefining new hellish symphonies. Soon live rituals will follow in support of the new album.”

Watch and listen to the music video at –

This album was created as a stepping stone into a new chapter of Cvinger, who started with a raw and unpolished sound but with each EP/album that came forth, their production and composing became more advanced and most of all more personal. The album artwork was created by an amazing artist Mitchell Nolte. It represents a ritual of Slavs manifesting the obscure god of death and night Črnobog which in translation means the Black God.

Fast, destructive, and mystical, for Cvinger, a concert is not only playing their songs live. It is a ritual and a synergy of sound visualization and energy that is given to the listener. Join their rite by diving into “Doctrines By The Figures of Črnobog”. It is recommended for fans of Marduk, Mayhem, and Gorgoroth.

“Doctrines By The Figures of Črnobog” is due out August 28, 2023 via Via Nocturna (Physical) / Earache (Digital), and available for pre-order at

Track Listing:
1. Meditations At The World’s Demise – 3:08
2. Revelation of The Three Heade One – 5:09
3. Fury Born Out of Bones and Fire – 4:27
4. Blood Catharsis and The Mantra of Depravity – 4:21
5. The Winter Night of The Funeral Pyres – 5:42
6. Slava – 4:45
7. Totemism – 4:47
8. Cosmic Realm – 2:40
9. Doctrines By The Figures of Crnobog – 5:07
10. Chants and Canticle – 6:39
Album Length: 46:45

Album Lineup:
Vocals: Khal Lucerus
Guitar and Bass: Nord Slayer
Guitar: Bagot (x member)
Drums: Morgoth

Live Band:
Vocals: Khal Lucerus
Guitar: Nord Slayer
Guitar: Ichor
Bas: Corvus
Drums: Morgoth

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