Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Chrysarmonia – “Fly me to the sun”

Official debut album for the Italian band Chrysarmonia, led by the charismatic vocalist Vania. “Fly me to the sun”, the album in question, was created specifically to have no reference band or musical genre and therefore create a unique sound, like a fingerprint, thanks also to the contribution of the musicians who complete the training which give listening, a particular trend and with vast intentions.

An album that already shines with its own light with the open track Dangerous, but which manages to keep the flame burning for the entire duration. “Fly me to the sun”, is fascinating and never out of fashion, twelve songs that know how to be heard as a whole, because they are free from monolithic and monotonous characteristics in the sounds and general atmospheres, always managing to hit the mark.

The inclusion of elements in some cases more rocking, which touch shores very close to alternative rock, avoid the sensation of already heard also because we have an excellent songwriting base. For an audience of listeners accustomed to the classic jingle, “Fly me to the sun” will be a bit difficult to digest, for all the others this album will surely be something you shouldn’t give up.

In any case, “Fly me to the sun” represents a more than worthy debut for a band that, if nothing else, has the merit of forging a very personal sound, which knows so much of captivating and which will surely delight the lovers of those more wicked but who will find the right satisfaction.

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