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Aneurisma, we likes to play rock music louder as possible

Aneurisma are a Grunge/Alternative-Rockband came into begin in Pescara in 2011 when Antonio Orlando (vocals and guitar) and Luca Degl’innocenti (bass and backing vocals) decide to create a band.
They join its final line-up with the drummer Ettore Saluci, that define an hard, aggressive and psychedelic sound. After released their first EP, they play on many italian festival and club stages, receiving positive reviews.
In May 2021 the band releases the latest single “Come Undone” in collaboration with the american band Rotten Apple. All singles are included in the debut album “Inside My Rage”, released in June 2021.

MetalMusic – Hi there, first of all who are Aneurisma
Aneurisma –
Hi all , we are three Italian guys who likes to play rock music louder as possible. Our Music could be defined as Alternative Rock, but it’s something more, it’s a blend of sound that come out from our desire to express everything we have inside!

MetalMusic – What is the main theme of your album?
Aneurisma –
Rage is the main theme of the entire album. Sometimes we are called to explore our rage in order to bring it out and fight it. The name of the album “Inside My Rage” was chosen for this reason

MetalMusic – Which additional instrument would you like to include in the line-up?
Aneurisma –
We’d love to have a song with some piano parts. Piano is a very charming instrument. It can be rock but at the same time very melodic. Beautiful

MetalMusic – Tell us something about the “Insanity” video!
Aneurisma –
The song is about a sexual violence. It was not easy to represent this theme in a video.
The video tries to describe in images the emotions of a girl who has to fight with her sense of guilt for the rest of her life. But in reality she is not at fault. The asshole is just her abuser.

MetalMusic – Your sound is very reminiscent of Foo Fighters, do you agree on this?
Aneurisma –
Certainly Foo fighters are in our influences
A lot of our influence comes from 90’s Rock scenes. There’s prog rock, Grunge, Alternative and some punk in there too. There are also electronic music (Prodigy, Chemical Brothers) and dance 90’s in our influences.

MetalMusic – Have you ever think to play a instrumental song ? Maybe in a next album
Aneurisma –
Already in this album there is a short instrumental track called “Nitro” .Also having prog rock influences we would like to do an instrumental track in the future. More structured and longer … why not … it would be a great challenge for us as musicians

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