Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Anmod – Monstrosity Per Defectum

Brazil’s Anmod are the remnants of another, older band – Fornication, under which they releases 2 albums before splitting up, leading to the birth of this death-grind monster.

Now, Brazil is well-known for some extreme metal bands, with Krisiun being already a house-hold name worldwide, and it sure seems Anmod are taking a similar path – relentless, merciless death/grind that hammers without pause or respite.
From the opener, “Serpent-legged”, it seems these guys are in for the kill; the drumming is inhuman, the growls are low-toned and vicious, and the guitar riffs twist and turn in complex circles that have nothing to do with more melodic and catchy death metal their European counterparts create.

This is a difficult album, no doubt about it. It’s quite complex, the songs go through multiple rhythm changes and there are no discernible hooks. They play well, and are technically proficient, but it still feels hard-to-swallow and quite colorless – this is brutal for the most hardcore brutal fans, into the music from a technical aggressive point of view – as such, it fits perfectly.