Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Morgurth – Blood Eagle

Morgurth, Italian one man band, release a new album with black metal lines worthy of a nice business card which, once read, remains imprinted in your mind, for the evocative force with which it manages to synthesize his way of making music.

“Blood Eagle”, this is the title of his second cd, leaves no room for misunderstandings, immediately suggesting the will to settle on a territory where Morgurth expresses himself in all his brutality, while remaining lively and enjoyable by virtue of a good presence of groove.

An excellent combination of impressive riffs and tight accelerations, which merges with a drumming that unleashes unpredictable bursts of blast-beat, while the voice seems to have been recorded from the bottom of a chasm that leads directly to the infernal abyss. Both the tension in “Blood Eagle” and the dose of technicality present, all well blended by a sound in perfect black metal style.

A general listening where on the one hand you can see a purely brutal component that does not disdain, on the contrary it strengthens the proposal made even more exciting by a production with the trimmings that gives a credible overall performance, cured and oriented towards a rough, gloomy and cavernous sound.