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Brazilian Thrash Machine Sacrifix comes back crueller than ever with new single

The band releases its most brutal new single, containing two unreleased tracks, and prepares the ground for the second album of its career
The Brazilian Old School Thrashers from São Paulo, SACRIFIX have recently released their latest, most brutal and disturbing single containing two chaotic, visceral and unreleased tracks, “Killing Machine” and “Mundo Nojento” (free translation: “Nasty World”).Perpetuating chaos and extreme violence with their sound, this new single precedes the release of the successor to “World Decay 19” (2021), whose title will also be “Killing Machine”.The band’s leader Frank Gasparotto (vocals/guitar) commented about the title track saying: “This song deals with the story of a fictional serial killer, whose thirst to kill is unquenchable. A more thrash theme than this is impossible (laughs)!“Mundo Nojento”, the second song of Sacrifix’s career sung in Portuguese – the first was “No Limite da Força”, Anthares’ cover, present on the EP “The Limit Of Thrash” (2022) – has a theme more focused on criticizing the futility and banality of the current world, dominated by nonsense coming from the diverse ‘tiktokers’, ‘influencers’ and ‘coaches’. The musician explains: “People who consume this kind of nonsense enter the huge statistics of the mass ‘dumbing down’ that prevails stronger and stronger in our society”.
Listen to “Killing Machine” and “Mundo Nojento” on Spotify at:

Producing and recording by Frank Gasparotto
Mixing and mastering at Tori Studios by Marco Nunes (@marconunestoristudios)Cover layout by Johnny Z.Watch “Killing Machine” (Visualiser) at
Watch “Mundo Nojento” (Visualiser) at
Sacrifix is formed by Frank Gasparotto (vocals/guitar), Kexo (bass/Infamous Glory) and Gustavo Piza (drums), and is opening a vacancy for a second guitarist. If you like, breathe and live the eighties’ Thrash rawness, and are not interested in palatable modernizations, always following the bloody roots of the style, send a video of yourself playing some classic Thrash to, to Frank’s attention or to the band’s press agency at explains: “We will give priority to guitarists with experience, who are from São Paulo and have availability for rehearsals. Of course, having the will, dedication and commitment to make the team sound even stronger, cohesive and ready to kick poser’s asses are fundamental”.Sacrifix‘s next studio album will showcase an even more aggressive, cohesive, heavy and technical band, with a greater emphasis on guitar riffs and much more aggressive vocals. “Our initial idea was to surpass what we did in “World Decay 19″, defining our identity – especially in the more worked vocals – in a more full-bodied work, aggressive and even more #¿$?%!¡ with everything that has been happening in our country and in the world”, concluded Frank Gasparotto.
For fans of: Destruction, Sodom, Slayer, Exodus, Testament, Testament, Megadeth, Annihilator, Kreator, Overkill
ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONSACRIFIX doesn’t want to be “one more” among thousands of bands in the Thrash Metal segment in our country, but to show how to do it in the most intense, vigorous and violent way possible, respecting the old style, with no frills or stardom.Their sound is entirely based on the rawness and harshness of the most classic side of Thrash Metal, without invention and with lyrics inspired in wars, occultism, social criticism, existential questions, religion and violence. The band is preparing to raise their chaotic sound to even more violent and disturbing levels with “Killing Machine”, their second studio album to be released this year.

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