Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Winds – “Reflections Of The I” – REV

Apparently the dark muse came to live in Norway after the fall of Hellenistic Greece. A theory that can maybe explain the Norway’s dominance of the Black and Gothic Metal Market. Winds seem to have been infected terminally by that muse. After their maxi single “Of Entity And Mind” was released (Which appears in whole on the disk as 5 bonus tracks) the band did not rest and searched for missing component in their musical thesis. They’ve found it in the form of a string trio (cello, viola and violin) performing classical and avant garde rolls that that gives this album its dark progressive atmosphere.

Reflections Of The I is a philosophical and psychological journey that looks like the gothic answer to the psychedelic spiritual journeys Clearwater and others made in the 60s – something between solipsistic existentialism and science fiction. The journey spreads beautifully across 11 points and gateways (CD Tracks), listen carefully to “Of Divine Nature”, “Passion Quest” and “Reasons desire”.

Although Winds includes stars from different bands – Singer Lars Eric Si (from Khold), Guitarist Carl August Tidemann (Arcturus and Tritonus), Drummer Jan Axel von Blomberg A.K.A Hellhammer (Mayhem, Arcturus and The Kovenant) and the inventor of Winds keyboardist Andy Winter – Winds doesn’t sound clone band of any of the bands above but you can still hear the unique style of every artist. So if you’re looking for a band that sounds completely like itself, Winds would take you on a dark ride to the depth of the soul and free you from logics limitations.


Track Listing:

  1. Clarity
  2. Realization
  3. Of Divine Nature
  4. Transition
  5. Passion’s Quest
  6. Reason’s Desire
  7. Premonition
  8. Remnants Of Beauty
  9. Existence
  10. Continuance
  11. Predominance