Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Vendetta Love release new EP ‘I Am’ on 18th August

Featuring singles ‘Ode’, ‘Walk Alone’ and ‘Hush Hush’, the EP will be officially available from August 18th on all streaming platforms.
Despite the turbulence of the pandemic and the punch in the guts for the live music industry, some bands took it on the chin and decided to surge forward and write as much new material as they could. Vendetta Love are one of those bands. With a slew of singles that have generated a considerable amount of interest from the Rock world, the Irish four-piece are pleased to present their latest release, ‘I AM’ to the general public from Thursday, August 18th. 
Featuring a string of previously released singles, the EP captures exactly why they quickly became one of the most exciting new Hard Rock bands in the blossoming underground scene in Ireland. Speaking of each track, band vocalist, Shawn Mullen says:
“I don’t really think there’s an overall concept that ties the EP together in terms of making a statement or anything. Again, it’s just the four of us in a room turning everything up and letting everything out…Lyrically there’s definitely threads that run through all the songs, but they all come from different places.  
Maybe ‘Cause and Effect : Frustration and Release’ is the main motivator, lyrically. The common denominator. but, really,  I think it’s more like a sloppy gang-bang. Each song is kinda connected to the other, but they’re not obliged to talk to each other afterwards.
We got the title from one of the tracks on the EP, ‘I Am’. We all gravitated towards that more or less unanimously. It’s like a headspace. What are you? I Am this. It could be anything to anybody at any given time, y’know. I like that. It’s also like a response to our last release, ‘Speak Now..
.’ ”Speak Now…”  “I Am”… We’re speaking now, to anyone and everyone who will listen.”