Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Trumbiten release video “The Eagle Inside”

Swedish metal band TRUMBITEN have released a video for their song “Eagle Inside” via Ghost Cult Magazine.

The band comments:
“The track “Eagle Inside” relates to someone that struggles with low self-esteem, but finds ways to grow and to release the power inside.”

Watch: https://www.ghostcultmag.com/exclusive-video-premiere-trumbiten-shares-new-lyric-video-eagle-inside

Listen to the EP: https://open.spotify.com/album/2fdcaGYF226fmId1oD5J2N?si=nwq_NCOET5GS84PAzsAbZw

TRUMBITEN channel the philosophy of cultivating a positive mindset, and the ecstatic feeling born from creating music with others. The new EP explores difficulties in life and feelings of being trapped in oneself, or in a bad company, or in difficult situations and a wish to get out and break free in order to find confidence and trust in oneself.
Out is a powerhouse of energy, heavy distortion, and soaring vocals. Beginning with the impactful opener “Break out”, recorded by the talented musician Adam, with lyrics by Tommy. The EP progressing on a meaningful journey to conclude with “Run”, Out is an emotive display of the human condition and how we overcome the dark aspects of life.

Tommy Arngren – songwriter, lyrics, drums, bass, keyboard
Adam Arngren – songwriter, guitar, bass
João Miguel – on guitars
Leonel Silva – lead vocalist and composer

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