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Trend Kill Ghosts shares new single “Poisoned Soul” Feat. Marina La Torraca

Rising band on the power metal scene, Trend Kill Ghosts, is gearing up to release the long-awaited new album and after months of production and heavy investment, the singers release their second single, entitled “Poisoned Soul”. The album will have great participation and the first announced is the great singer Marina La Torraca, who will give her beautiful voice in this new single, which will come with a lyrical video.

“Poisoned Soul is about a conversation between a couple with fictional and real excerpts, which started more as an outburst of how I felt after the end of my last relationship, isolated in the middle of the pandemic”, says vocalist Diogo Nunes. “It was a difficult time in my life where I somehow couldn’t react to anything. So I decided to get my real emotions out of everything I wanted to say, how I felt and how I believed the other side of the story felt, both of us. playing at the table why did that happen, and I think it is a situation that several people have gone through and can identify with what I wrote! As it was a conversation between a couple, it was very obvious to me that it would be necessary to have a Special appearance of a singer and Rogério did not think twice about talking about Marina La Torraca, since we would have liked to have her on the previous album because we are very fans of her work, so the choice was easy and natural. Marina captured the essence of the song in a masterful way, when I heard his voice in our song it moved me, I felt inside me that it was what I was going through, it was very strong! I am sure our fans will feel the strength and the emotion of this song “.

Born in Brazil, Marina La Torraca has lived in Germany for five years, a movement that was initially sparked so that she could complete her studies and specialization in musical theater. Currently, she Marina is the lead singer of the band Phantom Elite, whose first album was produced by Dutch guitarist Sander Gommans, founder of After Forever. Marina is a versatile artist who travels many spaces. Her voice powerful, in tune and full of emotion from her enchants every song. In addition to her band Phantom Elite hers, she has also sung on Exit Eden and the Avantasia project.

Formed in 2018, Trend Kill Ghosts brings together four friends: Diogo Nunes (voice), Rogério Oliveira (guitar), Fábio Carito (bass) and Leandro Tristane (drums), who bet on power metal / melodic metal. carry a message through music to inspire people to kill their ghosts and pursue their goals. The band has as references several strands of power metal, with names like Gamma Ray, Helloween, Avantasia, Edguy, Savatage and Stratovarius.
The debut album, “Kill Your Ghosts”, which was released in July 2019 on all digital platforms, received rave reviews from the specialized media and features guest appearances by Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear, ex-Gamma Ray and Tyran Pace) on “Ghost’s Revolution”, Raphael Dantas (SoulSpell, Ego Abscence) and Lúcia Ricardo (ex-EvenDusk) in “Promise”.
Trend Kill Ghosts is currently gearing up for the release of the long-awaited new album. The recordings are finished and each stage can be seen on social networks, in the series ‘Studio Report’, which shows the recording of each instrument with comments from the members. Follow each episode HERE. To promote the album, titled “Until the sun rises again,” the first single was released in June, along with the music video, for the song “Phoenix.”
With great production and investment, the album will go on sale later this year and will feature large shares to be announced soon. The band is also scheduled to resume shows next year, opening for U.D.O and Symphony X.

Diogo Nunes (vocal)
Rogério Oliveira (guitarra)
Fábio Carito (baixo)
Leandro Tristane (bateria)

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