Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Toxi Faktory – “The Tower Below”

Toxi Faktory, are a solid and intoxicating quintet, playing energetic metal, mixing prog, electro or punk influences. Approaching the audience with hindsight and theatrically, the group stands out with an eclectic and personal music that mixes its edgy metal with the madness of electro-industrial, all against a backdrop of dark and captivating atmospheres.

The band has released two major works, we are talking about “Massive Lies” and the re-edition of “The Tower Below”, which we will review. A little more than seventy minutes, for a project, in which you can appreciate melodic atmospheres that alternate with more raw grafts, creating a sort of dynamism that makes listening and working like something of fine workmanship. Toxi Faktory delight us with a fluid album, with soft lines that are sometimes roughened by an aggressive voice.
An atmospheric start as an intro to what will be a listen with a notable sonic impact, with the track “Begin Through”, opens the track to a journey that is devastating, softened from time to time by electronic grafts that lighten it listening to “New World [Dis] Order”.
“Toxy Faktory” is a concentrate of pure energy and excellent technique, which we have been able to achieve in our opinion, thanks to an excellent synergy between the members of the band who are able to express themselves at their best behind their instruments, creating a gritty and devastating sound.

The five guys have shown with this new album that they have clear ideas on how to move in an environment, the Metal one, where the proposals are numerous and often banal, but “The Tower Below” is not at all obvious, considering details and structures original and overwhelming.


  1. Begin Through
  2. Diggin’ Through
  3. Damnation
  4. Requiem For The Toxi Faktory
  5. Rise & March
  6. New World Order
  7. New World [Dis]Order
  8. Black Shell
  9. Clones’ Faktory
  10. Intox Corp.
  11. Just Let Them Think


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