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Thunder Bay’s Along the Lines Release Impactful Debut Metalcore EP “Our Dear Finale”

Along the Lines is a metalcore band out of Thunder Bay, Canada is releasing their debut EP “Our Dear Finale”. The seven-track EP has 24 minutes of songs that hit hard, lyrics that pop, and a dramatic story that is based on a story of domestic abuse. They previously released two singles, to a great response from fans around the world. The band comments on the EP:

“We are absolutely stoked to finally release something we have been holding back this whole pandemic. We started in 2019 and have been working hard and keeping it under wraps for far too long! We wanted this EP to be presented to fans to listen and not just hear the music but also become part of the whole story that is unfolding with each song from front to back.”

Across the EP “Our Dear Finale”, Along the Lines play with a variety of tempos and effects, the first song “First Day on Earth” begins the story with a gentle, but powerful chorus. “Collapsed Heart” conveys feelings of rage, guilt, and despair. “Brand New Start” is upbeat, fast, and catchy, pulling the album off the ground from its dark story. A dramatic conclusion comes from the title track, which is certain to leave listeners eagerly anticipating what will come next.

A loosely based concept record, Along the Lines followed the story of the EP and each song leads to the next part of the story. More music is on the way as they are now writing their full-length. When it comes to playing live, they currently have a cool experimental light show which brings a lot more emotion to their shows.

The EP was produced, mixed, and mastered by Mark Governali and the cover artwork was done by Evan Middleton. Heavy, fun, and emotional, Along The Lines is recommended for fans of Famous Last Words, Beartooth, and Bring me the Horizon.

The EP is available as of October 8th on, Apple Music, Spotify.

Music Video – “Sanguine” –

Lyric Video – “Mute” –

Show Dates:
October 8 – Thunder Bay, ON – Black Pirates Pub – Info(EP Launch Show)

Track Listing:
1. First Day on Earth (4:00)
2. Lioness (3:08)
3. Sanguine (4:05)
4. Collapsed Heart (1:39)
5. Mute (3:38)
6. Brand New Start (3:37)
7. Our Dear Finale (3:50)
EP Length – 24:00

About: Along the Lines is a band out of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada that was established in 2020. Initiated by guitarist Tanner Bell, drummer Austin Baxter, bassist Greg Vahaaho, vocalist Jonathon Reid and guitarist Brady Geurts, who have all previously worked together, came up with the idea for the band.

The evolution between the previous band’s sound and what’s coming up in this new form is an incredible departure. The songs hit HARD, the lyrics POP and the story is DRAMATIC. They take elements of metalcore, hardcore and post-hardcore, impactful lyrics, and catchy riffs to produce a sound that is infectious, noble, and full of emotion.

Their debut EP “Our Dear Finale” was released in the autumn of 2022. More music is on the way as they are now focusing on writing their full length.

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