Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Threads Of Fate stream entirety of “The Cold Embrace Of The Light”

Symphonic metal band THREADS OF FATE are now streaming their album The Cold Embrace of The Light over at Metal Underground. The album is set to be released tomorrow via Layered Reality Productions.
Death is a subject that fascinates mankind to no end. Based on the sheer endless amount of music, novels, poetry & paintings, the inevitable end of every person’s existence as proven to be fertile ground for art to develop from. It is not often however that this subject is handled in a way that sounds both fresh and recognizable at the same time.

THREADS OF FATE’s upcoming album The Cold Embrace of the Light does exactly that and more. The band formed by vocalist Jon Pyres in 2017 was set out to explore the concepts of death and decay through a sound that showcases a blend of symphonic, doom & progressive metal combined into something of it’s own. Joined in this project by keyboardist/orchestral arranger Vikram Shankar and guitarist/producer Jack Kosto, the band released their first EP A Funeral For The Virtuous independently in December 2018 which was received favorably by critics and fans. The trio realized that they had created a foundation they could build something bigger and more elaborate upon.
Work on the debut-album started almost immediately during the launch of the first EP and the following two years were spent perfecting that what would become this debut album. The band signed a deal with Layered Reality Productions in 2021 and knew that they had found their home to release this new music with.
From the more aggressive impact of “Love Held Hands With Hatred” to the intense emotions that wash over the listener in the albums’ title track, it is clear that THREADS OF FATE do not go for the simple, immediate route with their music. This is music to sit down for and really experience all the layers that are held within. Also, intent on not just making a repeat of the first EP in a bigger format, the band made steps forward in dynamics, production, lyrics and overall sound.
And so, even with a subject matter as finite and dark as death itself, THREADS OF FATE proves that even from these darkest reaches, creation can take place in surprisingly elaborate ways.

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